Sassy Girl

Sassy Girl

My first book here and it's dark romance!! Check it out! BLURB:(Image) He told me she was the little glimmer of light in his dark soul but he lost her and I was the replacement. "You shine like the fucking sun but I don't want you bright, I want you tainted". With that, he claimed me. ~~~~~~ Tammy Jones was just a college student that returned home for the Christmas holiday. Little did she know the beginning of the holiday was going to be the start of her new life in a world where mayhem and danger lurked. At the time when she'd lost all hope of escaping the cruel world, an extremely good looking stranger rescued her. But there was more to this stranger than just the good looks. What could possibly go wrong from getting kidnapped and then rescued? You might want to read to know! About me: This is my first book here on Goodnovel. Writing is something I love doing because I enjoy


Sassy Girl
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