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  • Author note, book stats, total words posted for website.

  • A way to earn coins without spending money

  • how many people are adding the book to their library. that would be awesome

  • Will there be a fix for the problem of italicized font not showing up on stories in the app? (Both IOS and Android)

  • I wish it was more clearly explained how to go premium and make money. I'm having a hard time understanding where to start.

  • There should be Beta readers! As their payment, they are allowed to read a book for free, but they must leave an at least 50-word review about the novel and how it can improve. They can apply as writers do and go through a test review to make sure they will leave constructive feedback.
    I also wish there was some way to earn coins from reading/reviewing so that we as authors can more fully understand the experiences our readers are having as they read. It doesn't have to be much, maybe just 3coins per review and 2 coins per comment or something like that.

  • A few people already put their comments before me, but I'm just writing mine, because I agree with them. I suggest 2 things.
    1. Allow Readers/Authors to follow other Authors.
    2. Have another contest. haha. I'm excited for the next one in the future.

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    Here are my suggestions in judging criteria of writing contests here on Goodnovel:

    •You should check the grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure, punctuation, and readability.


    •Correct dialogue tags

    •Elements of the story and pacing.

    •There shouldn't be any tense slips or passive voice.



    •Character arcs (the characters shouldn't be a cardboard cutout. They should be multi-dimensional with layers and layers of personality and depth. And the story must not have a typical Mary Sue and Gary Stu)

    P.S. I've been a copyeditor, proofreader, and writing contest judge. These are the things that should be look up to when judging.

    Additional suggestion:

    Also, please promote other genres of novels in your platform. All I see are romance novels -_-

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    I think you, guys, should have like on the spot service availability. Sometimes, people require immediate assistance, and it turns sort of frustrating when we have to wait three days for a yes or no kinds of answer.

  • Also, you can train ambassadors to help people when there isn't the main admin around to address the issues.

  • I would like a "comment" button up where the first message is in here.
    It's good to make it possible to chat with each other in a small chat window or something easy to click, without going to Forum.

  • Can you guys fix the way you promote novels because it really sucks? I have published my novel here for more than two months but it only has 194 views and one review. You really need to do this or new books which are not contracted will not gain popularity.

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    I would also Like it if we authors have a GC or something to help each others grow more and improve more Im still new here.

  • I don't know if anyone else said this, but it would be cool if writers could get a notification immediately, whenever readers pay to read their chapter. As well as how much they paid, when they wanted to unlock the chapter.

  • Okay, so I believe it would be cool if the writer knows how much h/she has earned, income details for the writer should be shown, a choice to delete account should be given, and editing income info should be an option since human error is a common thing,

  • I will really love if we, authors, will be notified whenever someone leaves a comment at a chapter of our story. And for readers to have an access to in line comments.

  • Hey.. I have a small req to add a feature to know how many readers have added the book to library . It encourages us author to write more enthusiastically .And yes pls option for authors note , too . I love to conversate with readers .Thanks 😊😊

  • A separate website area could be devoted towards new books (and new episodes) that are being added on website. This area can refresh on minute to minute basis so as to show new books.
    Presently, it is almost impossible for the new books to get any exposure to traffic.

  • I would really like it if there were inline comments.

  • Okay. I've noticed that many people are complaining about being locked out of their accounts (can't log back in). I too have the same issue.

    So what happens is, you are asked to login, when u do, it logs into a different account with a different ID. Each method u use to login gives you a different account with a different ID.

    This is a very serious issue and the Goodnovel team need to sort it out. As authors, we cannot continue posting and our contracts are wasting.

    I SUGGEST that they make it possible for us to login using our IDs instead of Facebook, Google, Twitter, e-mail etc. That way problems like this will never happen.

    I mean I have an ID but there's no way I can use that to help me log back into the account I was signed up with.

  • Book says 100% but it’s not. I need to finish this lol. Why does it say 100% when not completed ?

  • I am supposed to edit my previous chapters but it seems that the scroll down and up, on the table of contents is not working. I can't view the latest chapters that I posted... Oh another suggestion- can you also include in the app if how many people added your book in their library?

  • I like the YouTube videos. They were helpful. So great job on that part.

  • Can we spellcheck the Tags and add custom ones until there is a larger database. Also, searches need to be too specific and don't match partial words.

  • As the author, I must be able to read my book but the chapters are locked for me too and there is no preview of the whole book that I can view as a draft so if you can include that it would be great.

  • AS an author I noticed my book still showing Just now Updated when I posted my last chapter yesterday. Also a Viewer on the Views on which chapters or is it total? It does not state. Again I think increasing allowance on Tags and allow custom or at least a greater selection. My book is currently tagged mainly with minor tags that barely relate to what it is about.

  • is there no way to get coins except paying ? like some coins for updating or simple tasks like in webnovel? as you see for contries which do not deal with dollars , there will be difference in currency and its value . then it is expensive

  • Can you put if how many readers are reading our work not just the views... so that we will know what needed to change to our story, to be more catchy to readers...

  • I do not know if this thread is still active, but I sure as hell hope so.
    Firstly, I think this site is way too bias - anyhow~

    First suggestion, the browse function sucks hard!
    GoodNovel is only giving the options to find books under Marriage, CEO, Fantasy, Paranormal, Teenager and Suspense Thriller (This is very off putting, especially since I do not read books in any of these categories) - this needs to be fixed because there are so many other good stories that do not fall under these.

    Secondly, All new books do not get recognition, hence the above 'genres' only get recognition - Why?

    Thirdly, what the f*ck happened to the LGBTQ+ books?
    There is not even the slightest hint that these books exist on this site unless you type in 'GAY' - please tell me if I am wrong?
    And do not even bother telling me that there are any suggestions because if there are? That list of books the site put up in the beginning of august is gone - again, no recognition [How to fix this? An option on the site that says "Hey, here's new books that were approved by us, since we as authors now have to wait for GN to accept our books."
    A tab dedicated to new books wouldn't be so bad, especially when we have to look at Alpha, only and marriage books on the home page.]
    This option helps the readers know and understand that there are other authors/writers here with good stories too.

    Fourth, THOSE TAGS - 1 book = 7 tags only.
    7 no brainer tags that help you search for books :neutral:
    There is a big problem here - if you click on a tag, many books pop up (this is good) but why isn't it being implemented in the browse and search functions - GN staff this is not user friendly and not unique.

    Fifth - books with higher rankings get more recognition and will continue to and will piss writers off in the future if it isn't pissing them off now. For example: Random author has many readers on a differ site and is asked to join GN. 'Alright', he joins, sees that the book views are slowly growing, book 1 is already complete, but a question pops up, "Is anyone reading my book?"
    Starts book 2 and by the end of Book 2 no progress in whatever and the author decides to just complete the book and walk away. Three months down the line, the book that ended long ago is a hit - do you honestly think there is any motivation in bringing what's dead alive?

    Six, can we please see the entries for the goodnovelist2020 competition and all the others too?

    Seven, this site and I will have problems in the future if the LGBTQ+ community isn't represented!

  • Thanks for your kind, warm and valuable suggestions, we will discuss with our Product Manager and Dev Team. Thanks!

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