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  • I really love the app and the books it has to offer but I think it's would be wonderful if all these could be implemented

  • Also, what if we could scroll easier by using volume buttons as navigation keys?

  • having notifications will be also good

  • We have received your suggestions, thanks!

  • why is there no category for Fantasy novels?

  • I am viewing stories on Android, and I cannot view anything that should be in italics properly. It just seems as if it is not italicized at all.

    Also, I second the suggestion that following author's profiles would be awesome : )

  • It should be automatically saved as we write, as I only saved it up to the half and lost the other half because I was suddenly signed out of my profile. (Technical problem? Idk)

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    I can't access my signed account on the app, only on Browser. When ever I try to log in via the app it creates another account for me with a different ID than the one I used to sign my book with. I created my account on the web using FB but when I try to access my account using FB in the app it creates a different account.
    I want to be able to use the app too with the same ID and not just the web.

  • This app keeps improving. Well-done!

  • Well most of us have said it all.

    In my view it would be better if there's a way to follow our favorite Authors and their works!. Also writing offline will be of great ease on the app. That will be all for now

  • Hi Ladipo Michael, thanks for your advice! We are working on it!

  • I think the books we pay with coins should be free on the library and also be able to see different genres on the app and be able to see views for each chapter of the book.
    I also suggest ads should be introduced as reward for coins.

  • I think that it'll be nice if readers are able to comment on any paragraph they like. Something like you highlight the paragraph or the part you want to comment on then you comment on it

  • @Ebubechi I think we already have the function, thanks for your feedback ;)

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    I think there should be a browse section for drama

  • I'd like to add that some people are unable to buy coins to read the books so I suggest you allow them to watch ads to earn coins. You can also get sponsored by gaming apps and when someone downloads/ plays a game from Goodnovel, they earn coins while you earn revenue.

  • Also, please find a way to allow a book cover to be uploaded even when it's more than 200k

  • The display options(background color) keeps getting back to default(white) every time the website is opened. I hope it's constant as the user preference.

  • For website - add more features for writing like inserting image and author's note box.

    For app - Include stats for books. Writing in the app.

    I love this platform btw ❤️❤️

  • I'm having trouble uploading a cover. It says the maximum file size shouldn't exceed 200kb but when I reduced and compressed the cover to 46kb, it still says that it shouldn't exceed 200kb.

  • To be honest, your app is quite okay for a start but pls reduce the price of the coins, it's too much for short chapters. Bring ads and I also want to relate with Authors I like.

    I have been waiting for the sequel of Your Honor and the author refuses to upload the sequel.
    Can this app do something about that?

    And I think you should promote completed books instead of ongoing books that keep going in circles.

    The books are good but I need to know which is ongoing or updated.

  • REPOSTED "@armeiallanes: I'm having trouble uploading a cover. It says the maximum file size shouldn't exceed 200kb but when I reduced and compressed the cover to 46kb, it still says that it shouldn't exceed 200kb.” — I'm also having the same issue, and one of my friend here on Facebook who also trying to upload a book cover for her story experience the same issue. I think there might be a problem on the site itself. Looking forward for this issue to be fix or maybe upgraded the max. file size from 200kb to something else so we can use our 'with quality' story cover designs. Thanks. 🙏

  • Please could there be a way to distinctly differentiate between ongoing books and completed books and a way to communicate with the authors. Thank you.

  • Hello please why is that some completed books are tagged ongoing, can you please correct that. And also make discounts on books. Can you also put genres in trends

    For Example :Trending on Romance, Trending on Teen Fiction, Trending on Vampires, Trending on Billionaires, Trending on Fantasy, Trending on Mystery /Thriller.

  • I wish there was some way to mark the books in your library as completed or archive them. I don't want to delete the ones I've already finished (Sometimes I forget what I have already read), but I don't like having to sift through all my finished books as well to find a book I haven't read yet. Maybe there is already a feature like this, but I can't seem to figure it out.

  • To GoodNovel's web developers:

    It's really great to know that you guys have already considered our suggestions to have an indicator on each books; whether the book is still ON-GOING or already COMPLETED. However, when I checked my stories which are already completed about few months ago, it's showing on the status portion that all of them are still on-going. In addition, even though my books have some reviews already before this new updates on the site was done, it's showing '0.0 (with no starts yet) Not enough ratings'. I'm not sure if it's still on the testing stage, but I hope it can be fixed in the future. In that way, readers will not be misinformed. In line with that, I would suggest to have an option for the writers to mark their books as on-going or completed in the future.

    But aside from those things I've noticed, I could say that the platform is doing a job well done so fast and emerging to something great. Of course, we want to thank you all out there at GoodNovel's HQ for all the hard work and passion you guys are putting on for us too.

  • Well I have a suggestion, The app should allow people pick the genres or books they want apart from the ones being promoted on the main page and also maybe for some days ,like 10 books can be made free and then locked right back up.Also you can bring out like 50 completed books and create a discount on them, it would attract readers and ads is the most important.

  • website synopsis format should be fixed.

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