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  • It would be really cool if we could notifications for when an ongoing book is updated or for the writers to also get notifications if somebody comments on their books - I'm not sure if that feature is there yet but it would be awesome if it could grab the users attention as soon as they use the app or website.

  • If we wrote a book that is completed and already signed an exclusive contract for it. Can we upload it again, in another language?

  • The synopsis section for books needs improvement because everything just gets clumped up in a single paragraph. And the auxiliary chapters section for prologues can also be a good additional feature as well. & only 7 tags thing is also a little annoying. The app has a lot of room for improvement along with a lot of potential.

  • @Anshu. Yes, that would be good.

  • Hey, everyone. I'm new here. Not a writer. I was just wondering why CEO / Billionaire stories appear when I search for categories like fantasy and thriller. And they're like...unrelated. It's kind of disconcerting to have them shoved down my throat when I'm looking for something else. Thanks for whoever will answer.

  • I've mentioned it before and put in a request already so hopefully the development team fixes most of our requests in the next update :)

  • is there no way to get coins except paying ? like some coins for updating or simple tasks like in webnovel? as you see for contries which do not deal with dollars , there will be difference in currency and its value . then it is expensive

  • is there no way to get coins except paying ? like some coins for updating or simple tasks like in webnovel? as you see for contries which do not deal with dollars , there will be difference in currency and its value . then it is expensive

  • is there no way to get coins except paying ? like some coins for updating or simple tasks like in webnovel? as you see for contries which do not deal with dollars , there will be difference in currency and its value . then it is expensive

  • Is this thread even read? I have posted weeks ago some basics that I find an issue and haven't seen anything come of it. Basic Spellcheck needs to be done on tags plus a more diverse selection. This has not been addressed at all. There are other issues I have read here I also completely agree with but see no if barely any at all on the progress towards these basic goals. I realize this site squeaky new to the point it hurts. But if your not romance you get no publicity at all. The Search parameters hurt to even find things without know specifically what your looking for.

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    I'm not sure if this thread is still active, or as said above, even being read, but I see so many people making this suggestion and I think it could use one more voice to reinforce it.
    1. The homepage currently has different sections like Editors Picks, You Might Like, Original, and Complete, but you hardly see other genres apart from Romance, CEO, Billionaire, and Werewolf. I've seen so many good thriller, horror, and fantasy novels in the platform and it's a shame that no one else seems to know about them.
    2. I know how the homepage thing works. I get that this is a business and you should feature the books that make money, but even if you don't show these books every day, people are still going to look for them because they're famous. Won't it be nice to give the chance to others?
    3. The platform is growing, and it's going to grow even more. But how will others know that when it's the same thing, same genre, same atmosphere being shown in the homepage?
    4. If the writers' genres are not even represented and are being kept in the shadows, how will new writers under these genres be encouraged to try out the platform? Similarly, how will the readers of these obscure genres be motivated to read when they don't see anything that falls under their preference?
    5. Okay, so recently books with explicit, triggering content have gotten emblazoned all over the app and the page. I understand the reasoning for this, as it was a popular story and this is a business, but please advise the writers of these dark romance novels to at least put trigger warnings in their books. I had to go back to therapy because of a bad trigger, after having done well for two years. Please be mindful that rape, abuse, and all sorts of sexual violence are being done to real people. Treat the subject with respect and approach it with caution.
    So far GoodNovel has proven itself to be a platform that listens to their readers and writers. I hope this gets read and noticed, maybe even considered.

  • Addition to the suggestion: Where did the LGBTQ+ books go? These stories should have a section in the homepage.

  • I'd like to recommend adding in more browsing tabs for different genres (Horror, Mystery, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, etc.) Billionaires and werewolf stories are getting to our homepages too much.

  • If we could get a notification every time our book is being recommend that'll be great. So when our editor said they have done so we could actually see whether it's done or not. Because honestly I'm not seeing a major difference on the reads, unlike in other apps. And I didn't even have to ask for my books to be recommended there. So, thanks hopefully someone sees this, I've informed two Goodnovel editor about this already but nothing changes and my third editor well.. I'm still struggling to have one of my book being mark completed since the last couple of weeks. 😅

  • You can receive coins by checking in daily, reading for 15 mins, reading for 30 mins, and adding a book to the library as well.

  • The editors are trying their best to keep up with everyone. Please give GoodNovel time, and they will get back to you.

  • Could you add a fantasy section on the front page, I saw you made one for werewolf and one for fantasy would be great and help us out alot.

  • How about a way to be notified if someone makes a comment in your story. I have had several comments from readers on chapters, but I didn't know until someone asked why I didn't respond (A couple of my readers know me socially). They've told me I was much more responsive in the other app I post work on, that app notified me when a new comment was made.

  • It would be lovely for new authors if there was a 'recently updated' section on the main page, that way those who are new and update frequently will have some visibility on the site.
    Also (It probably isn't an easy add - I have no experience of web design) wattpad has a function where you can put images into chapters as well as text - Authors put images of their characters etc. This is awesome and I think, one of the reason it is so popular.

  • You know, there are enough demon books on here, there should be a "Demons" list. I know you're like 'then we'll need a fairy list and an angel list, and a ghost list, why do all that when it fits so nicely in 'Supernatural'?' Because you put wolves in 'supernatural' even though they have their own **page ** none of the other creature writers get a chance to really be featured because of all the wolves.

    This is only partly a rant. I write more than one genre and I just feel like there should be more representation.

  • i have a question. I have completed my book but there's no complete button. what to do or where to click?

  • Hmm... How about readers can comment on each paragraph of the chapters?

  • I have just rated the app in the app store and added a comment. I noticed that users, mostly readers, are commending the good stories they have read in GN, but are complaining about the cost of coins needed to read a chapter. Maybe, just maybe, you can make a way to lessen it? Give at least 25 to 30 bonus per day or just like the suggestion on top give discounts, so users wouldn't have to leave and uninstall the app.

  • Maybe, provide us with a way to change our pseudonym?

  • Hi...
    Though I am new to the app or website but i will really appreciate if readers would be able to vote and follow author so we can communicate with them on the platform....

  • Maybe, use discord to communicate with all Authors and Editors?

  • I think exclusive books should have a sections, and the book I've been seeing are the same weeks after weeks. *eye roll

    Also, already popular books should have less page rate. My editor told me this is how it's being done, but I see books that have been on the app for more than 6 months. Some are way too popular while some struggle to get 100 reads per day. I can list more than 20 books that get featured over and over.

    Also, let readers be able to follow author and create notifications button.

  • I'm new here, I hope I'm not late to post a suggestion.
    1. On-app writing will be good.
    2. Having a volume/season system (that can be named) really helps a lot, especially for writers who are writing series.
    3. The overall writing webpage needs to be improved. It is very hard to write in a small window when per of your chapters needs to exceed 1k words (A writing space like Google Docs/Microsoft Words would be fine). The content list on the left is also confusing, I think it could be better if there are sections like 'Published' / 'Drafts' / etc.

  • Can we see who paid to read our chapters? That would be awesome.

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