🏳‍🌈 June 1, 2020 #I Want My Love Story to Begin CONTEST

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We are the Stonewall girls
We wear our hair in curls
We wear no underwear
We show our pubic hair
We wear our dungarees
Above our nelly knees!

—— Song from Stonewall Riots

June 28, 1969, Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.

Members of the gay (LGBT) community fight against the local police to declare their rights—— the rights to be themselves, leading to the gay liberation movement.

That’s why we are here to celebrate LGBT Pride Month.

GoodNovel has writers and authors from all over the world. People with different culture, different races, different genders, can find their position here.

That’ why we are holding the GoodNovel LGBT Pride Month Contest. We are celebrating the Pride Month, celebrating the courage that modern sexual minorities stand out to show what they love to the world.

Help you tell your LGBT story to the world, that’s the most romantic but meaning thing we can imagine that a story platform could do. Share your LGBTQ+ stories with us. Love is about love, not gender. Let's write the stories that spread affection with the theme of “I’m LGBTQ+, I want my love story to begin...”
We are ready to bring you an exciting writing contest that encourages you to share with the world your love story.

Activity Time
June 1 to June 30, 2020

Selection Period
July 1st to July 31th, 2020

Winner will be announced on
August 10th

1st 1,000 USD
2nd 600 USD
3rd 400 USD
4th - 10th 100 USD

Besides the prize...

These works will also have the chance
to be adapted for films and videos

All the stories have the chance to
sign an exclusive contract with us

Writing for living
can be the reality

for the benefits to be our writers
click here: https://www.goodnovel.com/writer_benefit.

From every one of our submitted LGBT stories
we will donate $1 towards Los Angeles LGBT Center


Don’t limit your imagination
The love of LGBT can transmit in every alternate universe.

Fantasy, Drama, or Romance
Even Fanfiction

Open your mind
All the Genres provide the stage where
LGBT characters can grow
and seek what they love

How to participate

  1. Create your Contest Book
    1.1 Go to GoodNovel.com and create your book
    1.2 Make sure to select the genre "LGBTQ+" so that we can locate your contest work
    1.3 Email the story outline to writers@goodnovel.com, please make sure your email have the subject “LGBTQ+ + Book Name + Your Pseud”

  • You story should have at least 1 LGBT character as main character.
  • If you want to be qualified for the final selection of the prize you must submit a minimum of 10,000 words text and 1,000 words story outline by June 30, 2020. We recommend you to write as many words as possible, because the longer your story is, the higher chances you won the prize.
  • Only English story can be selected and signed.
  1. Share your book link in the forum LGBT section. You can freely advertise your story there.

  2. Share your book link on facebook using the hashtag: #LGBTinGoodNovel , nominate a friend to write their own LGBT story.

Selection Criteria
Imagination: how the plot goes
Empathy: how readers are touched

Character: we read because characters are “real”
Language: fluent and concise

Top 10 books will be selected
by GoodNovel Editors


GoodNovel holds the right to disqualify the author uploading infringing books.
The contest book should be written in English.
The story outline should be submit in doc, txt format.
The contest book cannot have signed contracts with other platforms.

If you have any other questions, be free to leave your message here.
You could also see FAQ for reference👇


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