1st step to start your writing career: Create a new book on GoodNovel!

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If you have an impulse of writing anytime or anywhere, just start it right now. Following will show you how to create your book.

Create Your Book
Visit GoodNovel.com, click the [Create] button, and a new book will be established as long as you finish the novel information page. There are also 5 important tips you need to know about creating a book before writing your novel.

Make a Unique Cover
Book cover show the writer's aesthetic taste. A unique cover can trigger readers' curiosity in some ways.

We have a small event to get book covers for free!

He or She?
We love reading, because we often put ourselves in the main character to experience their life. Readers of different gender will have different feelings towards characters. So, tell us the Protagonist is a He or She, and you novel can be pushed to its audience more precisely.

Fanfiction or Original?
Want to create a character and story different from all novels in the history? Original story is awesome!
Addicted to a character but unsatisfied with the original story? Or want to write your own story for your favorite character? Fanfiction is very popular!
Both original novel and fanfiction welcomed at GoodNovel. We had divided fanfiction into 2 types: Fanfiction and Crossover. Alternate refers to usual fanfiction, while Crossover means in your novel, main characters or plot are from more than 1 original.

More than 100 tags are divided into 5 different aspects, covering all types of novels. With these tags, you can define your novel genre, writing style, background setting, character and so on. Readers can find your book via these tags too. 
Tags can also help you rationalize your thought. Make sure to select tags (no more than 7) before writing your novel.

Attractive Synopsis but No Spoiler!
Imagine yourself as a reader, what do you actually need when reading synopsis? You probably want to know about:
1. the name or identity of protagonist
2. what happened to he/she at the very beginning
3. the novel is about romance or fantasy or other genre
The above 3 points are basic principles for a synopsis. We also suggest that synopsis could leave a hook to arise readers’ curiosity.
Don't write an awfully long synopsis. Make it short and precise. If an audience cannot even finish reading the synopsis, he/she cannot read through your novel. 

Don't summarize your whole story in the synopsis! Don't reveal core plot in the synopsis! Everyone hates spoiler. Keep the most wonderful part of your story for loyal audiences.

Then click the "create" button.

Congratulations, you create a new book successfully!

Don't limit your imgaination and keep writing, you will be a real writer.


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