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  • The email of my Payoneer account is correct, but the sequence of my name isn't. I also added an other name that wasn't on my Payoneer account. Will I still get paid or is there way to edit the payment info?

  • Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do I mark my book as completed? I've published all of it, but the only option I can see is to add another chapter.

  • how to delete an account

  • hi.did you get how to mark the story as completed/ i am struggling with same.

  • Is The Attendance Bonus a One time Payment?

  • Hello, I've had my book under review for 17days now, somebody help please. How long does it take?

  • Hello, I'm new here and was just making a new novel and wanted to register for the contest but it says that one of my book is already registered when I don't have any book. I am just trying to create one just now. Please help!

  • @meltyden your editor will do it for you. Another option is to write the title and put in bracket "Completed" for instance DEAR BRIDE(COMPLETED) But your editor is to do it for you.

  • @penglowy Thanks for the reply! Guess I just have to wait for it to finish being reviewed then. :)

  • @meltyden Yes,I think that is probably best and you're welcome.

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    @Raashi Saxena your editor will do it for you. Another option is to write the title and put in bracket "Completed" for instance DEAR BRIDE(COMPLETED) But your editor is to do it for you.

  • @GoldKing they suggest that word count is between 1000-2000 words in a chapter. Hope this helps.

  • i was reading, The charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf, now it has vanished whilst busy. how does that happen? how do i retrieve it back?

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    just echoing Tshepo Semenya, what happened to the charlie wade story? i was fully involved in this novel, came home today to continue reading and its now gone ??? was there this morning..please let us know

  • How to change my ID number so that all my devices have the same one, so I can read the same book on different devices

  • What kind of ID card does goodnovel expect for the contract? I'd rather not upload my passport or drivers licence

  • Hi. I was invited to GoodNovel by an editor and I made an account using his invite. Unfortunately, after posting five chapters of my book, I realized the account wasn't legit so I made another account, deleting the story from the previous one. Now I have posted my book on my second account but it has been days since it is under review. My story won't publish and I'm wondering if it's normal? Because that never happened with my previous account. TIA

  • My only ID is expired and I have to wait at least two months to get a new one due to DMV backup. Is there any other form of identification I can give when applying for a contract?

  • How to mark a book as complete?

  • How do you know if there have been any comments on your story?

  • how to know if our book has comments ?

  • how long does it take for a novel to be done reviewing?

  • On my story page, it says that my contract has been sent to my email. I have been checking my email everyday since the notice appeared. I also check my spam folder, and still have not received the contract. Can you help?
    User name Andy Hudson
    ID 10419707
    Thank you !

  • What does view means here? People added my story or just viewing and not adding or constantly checking for updates by the one who added the story in their library?? oR only checking blurb but not reading story??

  • How do I check the reads on my book?

  • I signed the contract but my chapters are not locked.
    How will I receive the amount?

  • What kind of photo ID do I need and where do I upload it at?

  • @Kiera Barker It’s a personal I.D of yours and you can see the button upload when you click the 'Apply Contract'

  • How can I fill up the payment info? I only have paypal account.

  • How to change pseudonym?

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