GoodNovel FAQ

if you want to know more about GoodNovel platform and the product, please read the FAQ.

What is GoodNovel?
1. GoodNovel is a web fiction platform and community dedicated to incubate a new generation of “classic" novels and provide a haven of imagination in this world by using the power of technology.
2. Mission: To create the new generation of “classic" novels.
3. Motto: Reading makes a full man, confidence a ready man, and writing an exact man.

Why should I write a novel on GoodNovel?
Goodnovel is aiming to support writers to achieve the full-time writing career. Therefore, we are launching this Writer’s Benefit project at the very beginning of our business.
Please read our Writer’s Benefit page.

How do I sign a contract with GoodNovel?
Signing a contract with GoodNovel is a great way to start or upgrade your writing career. You can get direct support from GoodNovel editors and communicate with other signed writers.

All submissions need to be at least 15,000 words. Once it has been accepted, we will allow the author to sign a contract with GoodNovel.

Why should I join GoodNovel Facebook Group?
Every day, GoodNovel will post a famous writer's life story and inspiring quotes at Facebook, making a great chance for members of GoodNovel facebook to communicate with each other, who are creative writers and loyal readers.

Join GoodNovel Facebook group, you don't want to miss it.

Why did I receive a warning?
Please read the rules of our forum, you will be given a maximum of 2 warnings only or your account will be deleted.

Why have some authors stopped pushing out chapters?
Some writers may be facing writer's block, whilst other writers may be having personal problems in real life. Please be patient and try to make more comments to show that the work is really important to its audiences.

What is Premium?
Some of our books are from highly respected authors and are popular in their original language. Therefore it has taken both time and effort to translate them into English. Also, many authors write for living. If you love their works, support them. Therefore, hence a small fee is required to read these novels.

Is there a refund?
Unfortunately we do not refund previous purchases.

My country doesn’t let me pay using PayPal. How should I buy Coin?
If you have an Android or iOS device, you can install the ‘Goodnovel’ app on your phone. You can add money to your Google Play account or Apple account and pay for coins via Google Play or Apple’s in-app-purchases!

For authors whose country doesn't support PayPal, we will pay them via bank transfer for now and we will support Payoneer in the future.

Why can’t I receive the email verification code?
Please check your junk mail. If there is nothing, please send your User ID and Email address that you use to login . We will handle it as soon as possible.

How do I change passwords?
In order to ensure the safety of your account, Goodnovel does not provide you with the functionality to change passwords. However, you can reset a new password. You can do so by going to the Login page->Forgot Password? To reset your password.

Why do I encounter locked chapters while reading?
Most chapters are unlocked but authors and translators require to exert a great deal of effort to produce the content for you. In order to better support the translators and authors, we will lock certain portions of the works. You can support your favorite works by spending Coins or by watching advertisements (different works have different unlocking mechanisms).

Why am I unable to unlock the chapter after expending my Coins?
If you encounter such a problem, please send your User ID, book title, the specific chapter and the estimated time of your unlock to We will handle it as soon as possible.
Why didn’t I Receive Coins after my Purchase?

Under normal circumstances, Coins will be credited immediately to your account after the order is completed. If you do not receive the Coins 1 hours after your purchase, please send your User ID, User Name, Time of Payment, GooglePlay/AppStore/PayPal invoice to, we'll check it for you. We will inform you of the investigation result ASAP by email.

How can I find the work I published?
After posting the novel, it will appear on GoodNovel. You can search for it through the search bar. Also, you can find your work at your personal page.



  • How do I change the cover of my book?

  • How long does it take for them to reply to my application?

  • Normally in 2 weeks.

  • How do I find the editor's contact?

  • edited July 2020

    @Lian J. Bleyk: Hi, it's really easy to change the book cover of our stories on this site. Here's the simple step by step process on how to do it:

    1st- Of course you need to log-in using your log in details on the site. Once you're logged in, click the 'Avatar' on the upper right hand corner of the screen (right beside the 'Library').
    2nd- Choose the book/story that you would like to change its cover.
    3rd- Click the 'three dots (...)' on the top of the 'NEW CHAPTER' button. From there, you need to select 'EDIT STORY'
    4th- Once you're already on the Novel Information screen, select '(+) UPLOAD' button and from there you can upload your new book cover.

    I hope this helps you.

  • How do I apply for the contract?🥺

  • how/ where do i check/provide/update my payment information.?

  • edited July 2020

    "A new-chapter-release frequency reaches or higher than 20 days per month."

    Hi, can anyone explain to me in detail about what does the 20 days thingy means? Im in my second month after signing the contract. Tq

  • @diariesofDiana It means you have you release a new chapter at least 20 days in a months to avail the writers benefits.
    contact your editor for more.

  • How do i delete my account?
    I have more than one account and I want to delete the inactive ones.

  • Hey guy's I am confused here please help me, I have $$ income on my attannce bonus ,but in my income history it's still showing 0$, how it's work.

  • edited July 2020

    @NehaSingh I think the the amount will be shown ,at the end of the month ,

  • Hi guys can someone please tell me ,it is ok to give your paypal email address for receiving a payments. Actually i never used paypal before so i have no idea.

  • @Neha Singh your personal editor will tell you how

  • How do I go premium?

    I'm done signing the contract offer and I think I need to go premium, but where do I go to apply or??

    I'm so confused

  • @Purplelily Going premium mean locking chapter ,so that readers can pay and unlock it , it will be done by your editor .

  • Cant find any of the benefits that were mentioned when invited and my novel is not shown until searched even if it is daily updated.

  • Where can I view the progression and insights of the novel I am writing?

  • I thought exclusive books gain more recognition and promotion in the app? :(

  • I tried clicking submit to apply for contract but submit button not working😌

  • Who's my Personal editor?

  • edited July 2020

    How do I share my story on email?

  • @diariesofDiana13 would you please send your user ID to and describe your problem? Thanks

  • why i cannot open the next chapter of "The Light of Young Master Mu's Life". when i open the next chapter i am redirected back to the menu. need help I have read only 95% of the total chapter and i already downloaded the remaining chapter. But on other book that i read, i can open the next chapter easily. may i know the what is the problem. how to unlock or unblock this novel( i might have blocked this novel unconsiously)

  • @diariesofDiana13 did you get your problem fixed? I’m having the same issue

  • How are views calculated?

  • edited August 2020

    Lakish’a Chitengi , try using laptop. Phone don't work and if problem persist, ask your editor asap

  • How do I share my story on facebook?

  • 1) can I posted the same stories in goodnovel and other writing platform like wattpad and dreame? can I ask for non exclusive contract?
    2) Is there a way to reach readers directly like send an email etc? Not using comment section in novel

  • I am not able to upload the cover of my story..
    Even though I clicked at edit and then at(+) upload. Can somebody plz help me

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