Author’s Instruction: About Premium & Exclusive Contract

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Dear authors,

Make sure to read this instruction clearly and agree GoodNovel Premium Policy before you sign the contract.

What is Premium?
GoodNovel Premium is the base policy to support authors’ full-time writing.

When a book goes Premium, the premium chapters would need to be paid to read by the reader. Authors will earn 50% of the profit from reads earned on those chapters.

Both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive contract novels can go Premium. So what’s the difference between Exclusive and Non-Exclusive contracts?

Authors with Exclusive contract will gain a monthly bonus of up to $400 based on the words written in that one month. The word count starts with the first premium chapter (NOT the latest chapter when a book goes premium), but authors with Non-Exclusive contract will only share the profit from the amount of Premium story's reads.

Sign a contract ≠ Get monthly bonus

The steps to get monthly bonus:
1. Submit your novel
2. We will review your work and decide whether to make an offer
3. Sign the Exclusive contract we sent
4. Start posting your book in a steady pace
5. Apply for Premium (If you don't know what premium is, find it in the beginning of this article) and pass the editors' evaluation. Please note that your posting frequency AND quality of later on chapters are all factors that our editors will take into consideration for this decision.
6. Meet the monthly Premium word count (
which starts with the first premium chapter) and uploading frequency.
7. Get monthly bonus

1 The bonus of the previous month are settled on the first day of each month, and the Payment is on the 10th of each month.
2 The bonus is given per month, not per book, because we set the bonus to encourage high quality of a writer, and we worry that being on several books at the same time might influence the quality on average. It means that: your word count in a month is the premium chapters of ALL your books combined. If two of your books meet the requirement separately, you are still granted with only one share of bonus.

Why go Premium?
By signing an exclusive agreement and going Premium, you can push yourself into practicing your writing skills into becoming a better writer. The higher quality your writing becomes, the more readers will read your work, therefore you can make more than $400 USD a month and allow you to write for a living.

Many authors always complain that their stories are not getting enough promotion from the platform. And we understand that Good Novels deserve more readers. GoodNovel has the obligation to advertise premium novels including but not limited to GoodNovel website & app, and the personalized recommendation system in the future.

How to go Premium
1. Author apply for premium to editor
If you think your novel is of a high quality, then please contact our editor for more detail and we will assess your novel in due time.
2. From the number of novels which are uploaded onto our platform, we will be reading new books from time to time, if we discover high quality novels then we will choose to communicate with the author as well.

P.S. About the word count
We count the word from the first premium chapter of your book after it goes premium, not the latest chapter.
*Please note that which chapter we would open premium for a book is not pre-decided, because every book is unique and deserve reviewing before decided. So if you worry you might not know your word count before the end of the month, post more and apply early in a month so you can get early result.

EXCLUSIVE contract means that your novel can only be published on GoodNovel within the designated time. If the novel has been published on other platforms, you should remove it within a 30 day time limit.

What if I sign at the end of the month, without enough time to reach the 40,000 word count and uploading frequency?
If the number of updated words in the first month is less than 40,000 words:
Attendance bonus will be (the number of exclusive words) ÷ (40,000 words) x (200 USD)
The minimum amount paid is 6 USD.

What If I have 3 Novels with Exclusive Contracts, Can I get 3 times the original bonus?

The contract is a cooperation between GoodNovel and the author to promote their novels to the readers.

The bonus is a reward for authors, so that they can keep writing, creating the stories that readers love, not for the novels.

So, no, you cannot have 3 times the original bonus. Because you can not write so many words that can meet the requirements of 3 times the bonus.

Remember, you are an author, not a typewriter. Quality words and attractive stories of your novel is the most important thing.

Actually it will be easier to write more than 1 novel a month achieving the word count.


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