Basic Ways to Get Reads

edited April 2020 in Writer’s Corner

For most of online writers, without tradition publisher’s marketing and distribution channel, the first question must be:

How to get reads?

Here are some basic ways.

1. Polish Your Novel

a. Visit Book Cover Art
Everybody knows book cover is important, and everybody knows it is hard to make a qualified book cover. You might get some help at Book Cover Art board of our forum.

You can ask other users to design a book cover, in exchange of your comment or facebook post of his/her book. If you are trying to learn design, it will be a great practice to help other authors to make their novel covers. You can ask them for comment or facebook post of your book too.

Also, we have a small event to get free book cover, you can check here.

A convnient and useful book cover tool is on its way. With this tool, you will be a designer and create book cover on your own.

b. Don’t forget to tag your novel
The essence of tags is reading preferences of different readers. Tag your novels so your readers can find them.

c. Attractive Synopsis but No Spoiler!
Don't write an awfully long synopsis. Make it short and precise. If an audience cannot even finish reading the synopsis, he/she cannot read through your novel.

2. Post Regularly
Once you get followers and reads, uploading consistency is an effective connection to you audiences and the key to build audiences' reading habit —— they will know when to expect your chapter and get their expectation satisfied.

Make an upload schedule, every weekday, twice a week, once a week, find the most comfortable way and stick to it. This is the key to find your audience and build their loyalty.

3. Join GoodNovel Facebook Group
Writers and readers post every day at GoodNovel Facebook group. We talk, we make comments, we are first readers of others’ novels.

Every day, GoodNovel will post a famous writer's life story and inspiring sentence at Facebook, which is another good chance to communicate with writers and readers. Join GoodNovel Facebook group, you don't want to miss it.

4. Advertise Your Novel at Novel Discussion Board
Welcome to advertise your at GoodNovel forum, in a proper way. Click here for details. Make sure advertise your novel only at Novel Discussion board.

5. Sign a contract
GoodNovel is aiming to support writers to achieve the full-time writing career, with abundant reward above average in the industry.

More details, about why and how to sign a contract with GoodNovel, please check here.

It really takes time to get reads. Focus, insist, then you can make it.


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