Why you should sign a contract with GoodNovel?

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First, if you sign a contract with us, copyright violations of your work will be taken care of by us!

Next we also offer extra promotions for contracted works including editor’s recommendations, events, advertisements and more!

And last but most important of all: We will support you in becoming a full time author! Once you join our writer’s well-being project, you can earn up 400USD a month!!!!!

What's that you say: Wow, that sounds amazing so HOW do I sign a contract with GoodNovel?

First you will have to submit your application here.

Afterwards, we will have an editor to review the work that you have submitted, if you have more than one work then we will judge each of your works case by case.

In order to achieve that extra income, first you need to sign the contract, write your book in the premium section and achieve the monthly word requirements!!

If you have any questions, please ask below! All will be answered by Alex (me) !

For more information please go to our writer benefit page.

Thank you!


  • Sir filled the form one week ago still I don't get any response from your side

  • If the writer is not signed on as premium writer then will the writer still be able to earn anything ? Or will only premium authors earn and get their work published?

  • @babbithaaks, they've got nonexclusive contracts and you can earn royalties with that contract as well.

  • I want to know about exclusive n non exclusive Contract. What's d difference?

  • @Vithree Rosea Exclusive Contract gives you 50% of revenue share as well as a monthly bonus up to $400 based on publishing frequency and word count. And you are not allowed to publish the same book on any other platform .
    Where as Non exclusive contract gives you only 50% of revenue share and you can also publish same story to other platforms .

  • Hi, I'm really interested in writing a story in your platform. But I don't have any idea, do I need to have a editor first before my story can process? Or do I have just to create a story and apply for a contract?

    Thank you

  • @LykaAngelique
    You have to create a good story first and apply for a contract . :)

  • For how many weeks will it take for the GoodNovel to respond to the application for the contract? Thank you :)

  • Do you accept Arabic stories?

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    What percentage of chances are there that my book will get sighed?

  • edited October 2020

    I have submitted the prologue and the first two chapters, it says that my book info is in review and it will be available soon.
    Can I apply for a contract?

  • I have applied for the contract, I just want to know if my application is legible for consideration.

  • @CelestiaAlejandro you have to reach 15k word count before submitting for contract

  • I have filled out the application for the contract, how long will goodnovel take to respond?

  • How to apply for contract? i really ll summit in here

  • Does the contract comes with an expiry date or will I be signing royalty to you forever?

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