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As you can see our website is still very new, therefore we are open to many new suggestions from you: the users, on how to develop the website, the forum or the app to new ideas on sub section or merchandise, etc, etc!

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  • I think we should be able to see how many views the story has on the app. And please more than anything, let us be able to write our stories offline on the app

  • Noted. Thanks for your feedback ~

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    writing onapp.

  • I think it's important for the views on a book to be visible on the app. And writing on the app could be nice too.

  • i think it will be great if you can follow authors to keep up with their stories

  • Yes. It'll be really nice for readers to be able to follow their authors. They can get info on when they update their books

  • I want to write on the app... and be able to see your story stats in there too

  • Mass release please marriage to the end

  • Hello, this is editor Alex. Regarding app development, I have told our team to be able to make changes i.e write on the app, looking at stats and following authors.
    Also Marriage to the End is free to read up to Chapter 28. Afterwards Chapter 29 is for premium readers only.

  • I hope the author can consider releasing more chapters for the marriage to the end. We are willing to buy and pay for the coins just to unlock the chapters.

  • Is there a way a writer's/author's note could be created? It could be nice to ask your readers what they feel about a particular chapter or something.

  • Thanks. We are working on that.

  • Web doesn't contain earn rewards part where as mobile app has that feature. I didn't see logout option in mobile where web has it why is this difference, any specific reason?

  • We encourage user to use mobile app for we have put more effort on it. And authors prefer web to create books on their laptop. Thanks for your advice, I'll inform our developers to add the rewards feature on our website, and you'll be able to logout soon, in the next version of GoodNovel app.

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    Nice i'm also waiting for one of the feature Hope we can see the development soon thanks

  • I'm not sure if it's a bug report or not, but when looking for the Good Novel app it doesn't show up under Good Novel or even under reading apps, I've only been able to find it if I type in Goodnovel or GoodNovel, no other combination will work. I believe this is possibly making it harder for readers to find the site and the app.

    This has been noted on the Google Play Store

  • Got it. Thanks for your feedback. What's the region of you Google account?

  • It's a bug on my end. I can't seem to access the link that will direct me to have my story signed. Please help me. This link is not working: https://forms.gle/KWv9NEaxDNHKAjN59 I already tried my phone and laptop but I can't still open it. It only says website not available.

  • please provide a special line of Indonesian novels. because many Indonesian authors are interested in paid novel applications like this

  • North America is my region for my google store I believe

  • Hello, I think we should be able to write on the app. We should be able to know who's reading it and we should be able to make a dialogue between the readers and the author.Like a chatting mode.

  • We will support writing on the app soon. Thanks for your suggestions

  • I'd really love the ability to browse better. It's a dogs breakfast right now and not intuitive to users.
    I can't click on an author to see any of their other works. There's no where easy to browse by tags and the 'New' function doesn't show any new books (I assume it might mean 'New Signed' works rather then just 'New' works, again not intuitive). I actually have no idea how many stories are on the site, which seems crazy to me, as I can not simply browse 'All Books'. I have to know what I'm searching for to be able to find anything, which limits my chances at finding new works and authors, and not finding anything to pay credits on.
    Love the site and the app, but I can see these as being frustrating real fast and will limit my 'urge' to spend a few $$ here and there getting credits.

  • Thanks for your feedback! I'll report to the developers.

  • Sorry if it came off harsh, they are things i noticed over the last few days navigating the App/webpage. I have a major passion in software usability and I like your community so much that I think I'm good forever now.
    I'll keep an eye out for more things and will use the form next time instead. Mel

  • It'll be so nice if;

    -Readers can follow their writers/authors.
    -One can get notifications of replies of comments.
    -Most importantly, one can write offline.
    -Readers can maybe like or vote on a chapter. It doesn't have to be cliché, it can be unique in its own way.
    -People can access other people's profile to get their works easily, without having to use the search bar every time.

    I personally love this app, but it'd be nice if all or some these are implemented 。◕‿◕。

  • @Vara Thanks for your suggestions! All the functions are under building.

  • Hy, I have a few suggestions:

    1) If we can see all the stats of our original books on our profile on the app, views, comments and others.
    2)A place on our individual profiles where we can communicate with each other writers and readers alike.
    3)A place to see any announcement made by Goodnovel on our individual profiles.
    4)A way to follow Authors and like their work.
    5) An authors books Should be on their profile page, that way while looking at a profile and following or liking, we can also see all their works.
    6)A way for readers to vote or like any page of an authors work that they read.
    7)Easy access to other people's profiles.
    8)We should be able to write on the app
    9)Can a place for trailers for books be created, kind of like ,when someone really loves a book and they want to create a fan trailer for the author or when the author wants to be able to promote the book and show more about it, they can create a trailer, plus it's a fun way of getting to know what a book has to offer and also promoting a book.

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