Honest Review

Can you give me an honest review about my book? Thank you so much. It’ll help me to see the flaws or what. I’ll do the same if you want

With a bad experience with his previous girlfriends, Aiden Collin swore not to fall in love again. He focused on his work as a surgeon. Then he met Nimueh Reed by chance. Their first encounter wasn’t good, Aiden was being a hostile man he used to be and Nimueh showed herself through her tactless attitude.

They met again in an unintended situation, slept on the same bed and avoided each other after. They become busy with their own work until a baby comes into their life–which changes everything.

Link: https://m.goodnovel.com/book_info/31000002522/Romance/Dangerous-Elysium?shareuser=11524082


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