Official Announcement on Attendance Bonus Issue

Hi dear authors, the payday of December is coming soon! We know that many of you are already looking forward to the payment, for holidays are near.

As you may know, GoodNovel has one of the highest monthly bonuses among writing platforms. We set up the monthly bonus to encourage authors to write with passion, and we're glad to see many authors are indeed benefitting from this plan. We will be more than honoured if these bonuses can benefit your lives a bit, even just in the slightest way.

We are always happy to support great authors with their writing careers. But we were shocked and sad when we found that a few authors are trying to trick us for money.

Here are several cases occurred, and for the benefit of these people, we are not mentioning them by name:
Author A uploaded dozens of chapters repetitively and didn’t tell her editor to delete the duplicated chapters so that she can meet the word count requirement.
Author B uploaded a few chapters from another unsigned book of hers.
Author C uploaded short stories from reddit which are not even her own work.

This is extremely unfair to those authors who are working hard on their works in which they put their hearts.

This is also extremely unfair to those readers who unlock the chapters just to find out the chapters are irrelevant or even plagiarism.

As we start reflecting on ourselves, we realize that it is because there are too many loopholes and blind zones in our current writer benefit plan. We will learn from the past experience and try to bring authors a better benefit plan for our authors. We aim to be more straightforward, more transparent, more prudent, and more encouraging to authors as well. We are currently developing this more sophisticated plan, which will benefit REAL, good authors while also restraining several loopholes that we might have now, but rest assured, we WILL keep on treasuring our authors and try to bring more benefits to you!

If you have any ideas or concerns, please let us know! We value your opinions.

Happy December and happy holidays to all of you!

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