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  • Hi there! welcome to Goodnovel if you're fairly new around here. I have checked out your book :) care to leave feedback on mine? many thanks in advance!
    pls pick one or check out both :)

    Title: My Promise To You
    Author- Wild Bunni
    Gerne: Fasnty, Romance
    Amber Johnson was once a famous survivalist one day While filming a survival tv show. Her coworker pushed her out of the helicopter. On her way to Hell, Amber made a deal with a goddess to be reincarnated as the panther clan Wife.
    Amber Meet Ondo, He is the Last Descendant of the panther clan. together they have to survive in a world called Ako.

    Ako is a cruel and unforgiving place with the panther clan is on the verge of extinction. She is the last hope to preserve their bloodline. Together they will have to Survives, Harsh winters, Unforgiving Forset, and enemy clan. Will they be able to survive?

  • Hello anyone want a review swap I'm in here's mine thank you in advance.
    Title: MAYA

  • Hello everyone! Please check out my book and leave a review.

    Title: Her Master and His Possession
    Author- White Witch
    Genre: Romance, Urban, Mafia, Dark romance
    One night was all it took for my life to change, from a person to a prisoner, from a woman to a slave, my freedom was auctioned and sold, to a man, whose desires were that of a beast. He wanted control and I couldn't deny. He was toxic, but I couldn't resist. I was falling into the abyss unable to escape.

    Contains a lot of heated content aware 😎CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE AND SCENES...ADVISED FOR 18+Enjoy dear readers ><

  • i'm afraid that you guys might not like it since the story's plot was not the usual one but i hope you guys can leave reviews

  • Hi! If you're interested in mermaids/mermen, teen romance and high school drama, consider checking out my book.

    Book Title: Ultramarine
    Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Romance (Mermaids/Mermen)

    My mom believes she's on the verge of proving mermaids exist. She uproots us to Scotland, forcing me to leave everything I cared about behind. I resign myself to unstable weather, cranky neighbors, and a division from the outside world. Then I met Kayn, in his all glorified brawn and beauty—but soon learn his interior does not match up to his exterior. He's the most infuriating person I've ever met. Kayn makes sure I know I'm not welcome anywhere on the island, snatching every opportunity to turn my life uncomfortable and inconvenient, and even goes as far as using scare tactics against me to convince me to leave. If only he'd tell me why he wanted me gone so badly. Then, I end up in a boating accident. Kayn suddenly emerges out of nowhere, plus a shiny new tail… Oh yeah. A tail. The hot, annoying merman ends up saving my life. However, this bold endeavor puts not only our lives but our families' lives in danger. Turns out the merfolk forbid humans to know about their existence, or form any relationships with any of them—and with good reason. The last time they meddled with humans, half their population got slaughtered. Getting close to any of them was punishable—by death. Problem is, someone might already know. The only way I get to keep myself and everyone else safe is if I divert my mom's attention from making her next big discovery and sharing it with the world. This requires me to team up with Kayn to prevent it from happening. But that is if I don't end up killing him first.

  • Title: Tears' Curse
    Genre: Fantasy
    "Why do we need to protect the mortals? They're living in their 21st century, no longer believe in us!"
    "Because this is our oath."
    Xue Er, a 1000-year-old white dragon from Long Sheng Jie has been sent to the mortal world to protect it from evil forces. Living under the name of Miracle, she begins her journey of the recurring mission. But because mortals no longer believe in the existence of dragons, she cannot use her elements as much as she wishes to. When she thought she finally saved a mortal from becoming the fourth victim, things turn more complicated as she learns the truth behind her birth. What exactly is going on? Will Miracle be able to complete her mission in the world of mortality? Or will she be the next death of her species?


  • |Excerpt|
    "Yes! But I will give you this, you are that one person, after a long time had a lingering effect on me. Like said, if I had a heart, I would have fallen for you."
    The more he said that the more I felt the pain intensify in my heart. I didn't want to continue this talk any longer.
    "Okay, so I think I should go now. And... I am not saying no, let me think this through, and will tell you soon." I said.
    "Sure, thank you so much. You're truly a nice woman, Meg!" he said and for some reason, I loved it when he called me that.

    When newly moved to New York City, Megan Clarke finds herself attracted to an emotionally closed-off man, Dr. Dylan Hill, who wants her to be his fake girlfriend for helping him get his rightful inheritance back from his suspicious grandmother.

    This novel is my first online novel, which also is now contracted on GoodNovel. I am a full-time writer, and this has been my passion always, I would really appreciate it if you can support me and let me know your thoughts, so I can improve my craft and become a little better with every chapter/novel.

  • Please do check mine as well:
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  • Hey,
    i would really appreciate some reviews on my newly completed "Blessed by the Blood Moon". Thank you very much in advance.

  • I never thought I would find myself in a situation like this. I wanted to be normal. There wasn't supposed to be anything special about me. But as soon as I turn eighteen, things turned south. My crush on the Astronomy professor isn't as innocent as I thought. The rudest jock in the academy has a hold of my lust. And I am no longer human. What has my life turn into?

  • Hey there!
    I am new to goodnovel and from what I have seen of it so far.... it seems really great!
    I am an amateur beginner to writing who wishes to work hard and improve. I want to be able to reel people in my stories with my words working as the hook. I want to be able to reflect a bit of myself in my writing and be honest in my words.
    I have always loved living in the fantasy world more rather than the harsh reality that I am sure many of us are tired from already.
    My reason for writing is simple- It brings me joy to be able to create something meaningful.

    ** Genre: Fantasy Romance**
    Status: Ongoing
    In an alternate modern-day universe-
    Monarchy is the form of government.
    The king's word is the law.
    Royals are born and bred to rule.

    This story revolves around the royal family of the kingdom of Neviza, one of the largest and strongest empires, previously ranked third among the top five before ascending to the first position after the reigns were inherited and held by a certain emperor with heavenly looks, a sharp mind, cold gaze, ruthless nature and a frozen heart which beat for one single person. The only one whom he gazed at with adoring warmth in his eyes, pampered with extravagant riches and showered with passionate kisses.

    A young pauper who rises and gains success due to her skills. She is whisked away by a prince and captured in court politics. Surrounded by wicked schemers and false friends, she has her work cut out for her because of an unrelenting and overbearing prince who just won't give up on his feelings for her. Is she supposed to be impressed by him and give in or will his strong feelings and possessive attitude chase her away? Not to mention the many secrets that he has kept hidden from her.
    Will she succeed in uncovering the truths that could change all that she has ever known and believed in?
    This is the story of how a prince was forced to leave the princess of his heart before an emperor returned to claim his empress.
    A prince and a pauper- they had a past together, but, will they have a future?
    Enemies lurk at every corner
    Each danger worse than the former.
    If all is fair in love and war
    Then don't blame me if I go too far.

    I enjoy reading love stories with intricate details and mysterious background, and the same I have tried to include into my story.
    It might seem like it has slow development at first, but I found it to be essential for the upcoming parts of the story.
    I hope its enjoyable!
    Do share your thoughts on it with me, please!


  • If anyone is interested in humorous, Fantasy Romance stories then I've got one for you!
    This is my story that is not very old nor does it have many chapters but its progressing steadily! I am open to review swaps as well!
    Please do check it out if you like!
    Name: Amortentia
    Genre: Fantasy Romance
    Status: Ongoing

    Synopsis: Amortentia is a magical love story of two boys and a girl who are sucked into a whirlpool of mistakes and madness. Amora Hart loves the idea of love. Her fantasies include a certain blonde; Joel Bairos, the 'golden' boy of the school loved by entire population of the minuscule town named Mystic. Tired of her constant pining, Amora's friends decide to put an end to her misery. To help their poor, socially awkward friend, they choose to make Joel fall in love with her. But what happens when instead of Joel, someone else falls prey to their wicked-y, good-hearted schemes.
    What happened?
    Read to find out!

    I hope its likeable!
    Thank you!

  • Hello Guys. My story is about myths/sci-fi and Fantasy! Comments and Review are very much appreciated! Lmk if you want to review yours. Just leave an " :*" after the review and I will check yours out.

    Title: Submerged Land
    Genre: **Sci-fi, Romance, Fantasy

    Year XX26 when a plane had gone missing. No one has heard from it since then. Search parties were called off and passengers were declared dead. People tried calling out to them through their phones. They hear it ring but no one answers.

    Nathalia Trayce's father was on that plane and she's determined to find out where or what exactly happened to him; by going to the place that her father was suppose to go. Hoping to find more clues, she boarded a plane passing through the Pacific Ocean when an unexpected thing happened; their plane crashed and they suddenly found themselves in an underwater land. The Atlantis, where they found out that they were responsible for the missing planes in order to save them from the government. At least, those who posses Atlantean genes - a superior gene that help improve their physical and mental abilities. But why can Nathalie hear the thoughts of sea creatures - an ability that is suppose to be for Byron, who's the said reincarnated demigod?

    Trained by an Atlantean general named Skyr, and learning that her ex-bestfriend, Trei, was actually one of the Atlantean rebels. Nathalia had to choose which side to take. Or in her case, who to believe.

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    Hey guys I am new here
    My title: Don't worry I am with you
    please pay visit

    SYNOPSIS: Two girls who have been transmigrated inside the manhwa that they both love to read because of an eclipse, one has an innocent personality, and the other one has a wild and chill part. These two genuine girls are best friends since birth, but what will happen if her best friend becomes her enemy a villainous, and the other becomes a heroine to the story. What would these two genuine girls face through their new life journey ahead?

  • hi guys! newbie alert!!! :)
    kindly read my book and leave an honest and thoughtful review.
    This book centers around Love, reincarnation and body swap.
    So Elena, can shift in-between bodies! great! she could be you or me or anyone, Just from a single stare..... but now, she has to make a choice, her soul mate is stuck in the past, a difficult decision is to be made.... go back in time to save him? a billionaire stuck seven years behind; or remain as a normal girl without the passions of love... Tough choice right?
    But Elena knew that there was no price too great for a lifetime with her soulmate. she knew that without him, she was non existent.

  • Hi there! I have become inspired to share my own stories/fantasies after reading a few others on this platform. Please give my story a read if you feel interested! It's a sexy story about rival werewolves who find out they are mates, it has a few twists and plenty of romance;)

  • Hey, I would like to do a review swap.
    My story is called "Dandelion Lover" and you can find it here.

    After you're done with the review, just reply to this post as a reminder for me to return the favor, or leave me a message.

    Katelyn Ross is a slightly awkward young adult that has problems fitting into the norms of society, who is still struggling to find the right job. One day her life changes when she is hired to work as a copywriter at a small company.
    Meeting new people and making new friends becomes easy in the new company, but when her care towards her boss becomes more than she could allow herself, her once quiet life becomes filled with struggles to keep her own feelings under control.
    Whether she falls prey to her feelings or she manages to fight against them, one thing is for sure, life is never as easy as it seems and it is up to her to face her own weaknesses and to stand up and fight for what she wants.

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