[Interview #11] - Alexis Porter "The mountains and forests of Colorado inspire me a lot"

Today I am interviewing Alexis Porter, author of Worth Fighting For, Worth Waiting For and Concealed here on GoodNovel! She has been writing since she was 14 and is inspired for by the scenery of Colorado hence her descriptions of the mountains and forests are so accurate!

By Alex N.
November 9, 2020

Interviewer: When did you start to love writing?

Alexis: I fell in love with reading when I was twelve and started writing at fourteen. Though when I was seventeen years old, I finally started writing novels and plots that made sense.

Interviewer: And looking back to even just a few years ago, do you feel there has been lots of improvement?

Alexis: Definitely! At the age of fourteen, I was on the computer one day and found my sister's old draft to something she was writing. I was so intrigued by the story and couldn't help but tack on some more chapters. My writing was horrible, the plot was garbage, and I had horrible grammar, but I'm glad I was writing, nonetheless! It really pulled a love for writing out of me. My sister no longer has any interest in writing, but I have instead fallen in love with it.

Interviewer: Your book has already reached 90k reads on GoodNovel, where would you like to go from here in your writing career?

Alexis: I'm honestly SHOCKED people are reading my books. I'm a nobody from the middle of nowhere! But this site and the people responsible for it have given me so much confidence in my writing. I would love to get my books professionally published! I know I have a long way to go and a lot to learn about the process and how that would work, but it is a dream of mine to be a professional author and see my book on a store bookshelf or a library one day.

Interviewer: So you want to be a professional author in the future, where in your writing skill set, do you feel you need to improve on in order to reach that?

Alexis: At the moment, I’m trying to work on my endings. I like to write shorter books (around 30-40 chapters) and leave an open ending into the next book(s). I’m learning that it is not everyone’s favorite endings, so I’ve made a really conscious effort so far with writing my books to create endings that have closure, but still entice you to read the next book in the series. I am also working on my vivid verbs and adjectives to try and suck the reader into the scene without bogging it down with too many lengthy descriptions. It's difficult to find a balance between the two.

Interviewer: What inspires you to write werewolf/alpha stories? Is it because of the environment that you live in?

Alexis: The beautiful Colorado mountains have a lot to do with my werewolf inspiration! I have moved around a lot and found myself in the mountains, forests, plains, and deserts. I also love hiking and being outdoors. Living in all these different places had me envisioning the stories and lives of people that lived there and made it so much easier to understand and get to know the characters I've written about.

Interviewer: Why do you feel that books which are not romance or werewolf related get less reads or popularity? (Referring to Concealed).

Alexis: "Concealed" came out just a month after “Worth Fighting For”, but it does have the least amount of reads compared to my other books. With werewolf novels in particular, there is instant chemistry between the main characters and it’s easy to justify those feelings in werewolf novels by bringing up mates. Readers (myself included) love those instant connections and get so enthralled and sucked in by the emotions that are so easy to feel at the beginning of those books. Concealed is an action/crime novel with a splash of romance, so while it still has that deep emotional connection in the novel, you have to get into the plot and get to know the characters before that chemistry really comes to life. In the long run, it is more believable and you grow more attached to the characters, but the patience it takes to get there can turn some readers off. Both are well-written, but because of that instant connection, I've found that werewolf/romance novels are more successful.

Interviewer: And would you still consider writing into different genres in the future? (Even though the book may not get as many reads, yet the book is written really well).

Alexis: My editor and I talked about this at one point when I was signing on "Concealed" because I knew it wasn't going to be as popular as my other books just based on the genre. Ultimately, someone wants to read that book, so you might as well put it out there! It isn't about the reads or the popularity for me, it's about people reading what they want. I think I will always include romance into every book I write because I love the genre so much and thrive off the chemistry in romance novels! That being said, I struggle with writing a straight romance novel and always involve danger and excitement in the books. I really love experimenting with different genres. I’ve written a few fantasy romance novels, a werewolf romance series, and I’ve written concealed. My next series is going to be an action/security romance novel with lots of danger and steamy attraction between the main characters. From there, who knows what will be next?

Interviewer: Some of the authors I interview usually talk about friends and authors that help them along on the writing journey: who helps you out with the moral support?

Alexis: I've waited so long to put my books out there because I've actually really shy about my writing with my friends and family. I'm so terrified of their rejection that it makes it really hard to share it with them! Though lately, I've felt support from some family and friends, I feel like other authors are actually the best support I've come across.

Interviewer: Writing sequels may be easier as you can keep using the same characters, but do you feel constrained sometimes by using the same characters, compared to writing another original book with original characters?

Alexis: That's a really good question. You REALLY have to know your characters inside and out to be able to write about them, so by spending so much time and effort, I enjoy writing about them and their lives and testing their strength. It can be difficult, so I never have only one book/series I'm writing at a time or I start getting frustrated with the characters. Something I've started well with my series is jumping main characters with each novel so I don't get too bored or repetitive writing about the same people. I have a notebook with the plots, character descriptions, personalities, and so forth. It really helps me organize my thoughts!

Interviewer: After vampires and now werewolves being popular, what do you think will be the next big hit? i.e dragons maybe?

Alexis: I really hope it's history/action books! I read one the other day and absolutely LOVED it! Only, those aren't too popular. I really hope it gets on the trend because I really think those are amazing. On the other side, I could see dragon shifters start increasing in popularity (I've already seen and read a few that really got the ball rolling).

Interviewer: What advice would you give to authors who have just started their writing journey?

Alexis: First, I want everyone to remember that we are all amateur authors! If you think you are at your best, then there is no room for you to improve and all your writing has “peaked”. My next advice is to read, read, and read! Don’t just read amateur books (Though those are still important), make sure you read professionally written books with well-rounded plots, developed characters, and thrilling scenes. On top of that, write daily, even if it's only for 15 minutes! Find what motivates you to write and stick to it. As I stated, it took me three years to be able to write anything decent and I still haven’t perfected the craft! Please take criticism, so matter how much it may hurt, because it will help you in the long run. No matter what, keep writing and read every chance you get.

Interviewer: Seeing that you like writing about werewolves, it safe to say you are a dog person rather than a cat person?

Alexis: Absolutely! I actually work with dogs on a daily basis for work and manage about 40 dogs per day in the same room. I have two dogs of my own and I feel like I really connect with dogs! They are intelligent, loyal, dependable, and sensitive to people around them. All the cats I’ve met except a select few have not been a huge fan of me, so I will stick to my dogs!

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