Reviews anyone? :)

Hellooo lovelies. I've recently published a fantasy novel on Goodnovel.
If you're interested about reading a story involving a mythological creature disguising as a human in this generation, make sure to give my story a read and leave some comments!
Thank you <3.

Title: Tears' Curse
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
"Why do we need to protect the mortals? They no longer trust us!"
"Because this is our oath."
Xue Er, a 1000-year-old white dragon from Long Sheng Jie has been sent to the current mortals' world to protect it from evil forces. Living under the name of Miracle, she begins her journey. But because mortals no longer believe in the existence of dragons, she cannot use her elements as much as she wishes to.

When she thought she finally saved a mortal from becoming the fourth victim, things turn more complicated as she learns the truth behind her birth.

What exactly is going on? Will Miracle be able to complete her mission in the world of mortality?

Or will she be the next death of her species?



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