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  • Hey guys, I’d appreciate if you check out my book. I connect deeply with my main character, so it’s always fun writing.


    please check this out and leave a review :smile: i’ll do the same. thanks❤️

  • Hey guys! I'm new here hehe. Please do check out my book entitled Love Like A Sunset and The Void. LLAS is for the hopeless romantics while The Void is for those who like Fantasy. Your comment is highly appreciated :) Hope you could check it out and tell me what you think about it! :))


  • Title: Shameless Half-Sister

    This is not typical romance, it has lot of emotions, broken trust, the important characters will go through number of character developments, for those who like slice of life stories this is meant for those readers, happy reading; smile.

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    Hello fellow readers and writers <3

    I'm a new member here and I just started to create a novel. I'm still in the process of editing it so if anyone has a spare time to check out my new book and leave a review, I would see to it that I return the favor!

    Title: Afterglow

    (18+ Mature Scenes)
    Genre: Romance
    Synopsis: Zoelle Solaris had a taste of the cruel reality of life in just a short span of time. She used to be filthy rich, living a luxurious life and quite famous, not just in the business industry, but also in other things because of her beauty and --- attitude. It was until a tragic sequential of events was given to her by the heavens.

    Once upon a cruel summer, Zoe met the person who had made her a better version of herself. She was an arrogant spoiled brat turned to a shy sophisticated woman. She was willing to sacrifice anything that she could possibly offer just to satisfy him. But the same person she ever loved, is also one of the people who conspired against her family.

    Years passed, the same guy came back to her, offering something which is the sole purpose of her efforts. Would she trust him despite all the unfortunate things that happened between them? Will her love for him conquer her again and make the same mistakes that brought her doom?

  • Hi guys! I just started writing a book and I would love it if you all leave your comments and reviews on it.
    Here's the link: [](
    Check it out! ;)

    I like the story, give it a try and be sure to leave a review

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    Chasity Dawson is the shy daughter of a housemaid and Joe Bandit is the school's "Golden boy" and the son of the family her mother works for. One-night Joe texts her, and asks her for a favor that involves a mysterious unmasked culprit, leaving photos of Joe and his family at their doorstep every week for years. This mystery leads to a growing attraction between Joe and Chasity. Along with deadly secrets that were best left alone. Secrets… that could get someone killed.

    Hi Everyone! Please check out my work and kindly leave a review! I'd do the same for yours. Also put a heart emoji in your review. That way, I know you are an author. I will leave review on your book. Thank you!

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    Title: Amelia and the Dark Fae

    Genre: Fantasy Romance
    A doctor by profession, Amelia had to run from home and complete her education because her stepmother wanted to trade her with Xikoth, who had apparently given the family loads of money to sustain ever since her father was shot. Fate brings her back to the same town to finish her PG. She had been keeping professional distance from her patients, but this one patient affects her - Vargauz Rotzwak - Prince of the Fae Kingdom of Uzgolith, whom she gets attracted to. When Xikoth comes after her to claim her, she runs away with Vargauz, who is on a mission to retrieve Divinity Elixir. But little does she know that Xikoth is the Demon King of Xomor, and she is his mate. Will Xikoth be able to claim her? What would Vargauz do?
    Join Amelia in her roller coaster ride to find who she actually is, as she falls in the dark world of nightmares and passion, of whirlwind romance, and power tussle. Why is she pursued by the Faes and the Demons together? For one of these suitors, she is death, while for the other she is life. Who will get her in the end?

  • Title: Coffee

    A warm cup of COFFEE and a slice of romance.
    Synopsis: Canary Lienne is playful, skips classes and never serious in her studies. Samuel is matured, silent and mysterious. With just one reservation at a café, their life intertwined. Will the red thread of fate connects them? Or was it tangled at the wrong one? This is a story that starts with a warm cup of coffee and bitter sweet romance.

    Hi ! You call me Airiane, I am new writer here and hoping to reach out people to share my works. I hope you guys will like my first work here! Enjoy!


  • Blurb: Cynthia and Shade were friends who gained admission into same University. But for the love Shade had and what Cynthia couldn't get, she began to envy her friend hence became a devil in sheep's clothing looking for a way to kill her friend.

  • Link:

    Tsai Meiying lives a perfect life she always dreamt of, minus living with her father who chooses to resides far from the city crowds. Wang Huijing is a detective who lives his life solely to avenge his brother who was betrayed by Meiying's father. Huijing decides that there's only one way to avenge his brother. To marry Meiying to make sure his enemy will never see his daughter for the rest of his life.

    Hello, everyone! This is Rikka, and I'm a newbie here in GoodNovel!
    My novel is based in the Taipei, Taiwan and I hope I can bring my readers travelling through words in this beautiful city. Since the main job of my female and male MC are an oncologist and a detective respectively, writing this book isn't easy at all. Medical world has so many complicated terms and I'm not coming from medical background so I really have to do a lot of research. So does detective. Writing a murderer case requires a lot of logic and brain works, which I'm unfortunately lack of. LOL~ But I'm seeing these as my challenge and I think this knowledge I require during research does make me better both as a person and an author. :D
    The reason I start writing a novel? I guess I want to see my story being turned into a drama? LOL~ It'll be nice if it truly happen in the future because I really hope I can plant the seed to love in the heart of readers and appreciate cultures of the world, especially Asia countries.
    It will be very nice if you can give my story a try and leave a review so I can improve.
    Nice to be here, guys! I hope we can grow up together as fellow authors!

  • please check out my story
    title: lost and found

    Madison Coto is a woman on the verge of destruction.
    Her home turned into a silent warzone between human and supernatural.
    Her family torn apart by loss.
    Her life entirely devoted to her cause. Saving as many supernaturals, and killing as many enemies, as possible.
    She’s the Vasilia, a concubus and queen of the desire demons. A people split in their dedication to one side or the other.
    She’s the only demon to have started life as a human.
    She needs to seal her demon form, punish those who support the anti-supernatural government, protect her late sister's mates, and free the innocent who were betrayed by her people.
    More than anything, she hopes to find her own mates and happiness.

    Duncan Stanford is a man with nothing to lose.
    His family killed by humans who hated supernaturals just for existing.
    His pack destroyed as more and more supernaturals were taken to camps or banished from the state.
    His life dedicated to freeing his people and ending the lives of the men who took away everything.
    As Fenrir, he’s labelled a terrorist by humans and a hero by supernaturals.
    As Ford, he’s a lonely alcoholic who only attracts vile women.
    As Conric, he’s the Ulric, werewolf king for a massive territory.
    Marred by death and tragedy.
    Beaten down by the cruel words of others.
    Put into a box he let define him since he was eighteen.
    He longs for a safe haven from the world that threatens to crush him.

    Two souls needing completion. Searching for safety and love. Fighting hate and fear. Trying to remake their world and their home for their people.

    Hi, I'm Rory.
    I am a mom to two special needs kids (both teens) and a full time college student majoring in composition and rhetoric. I have always been a reader, but only recently became a writer. I never thought people would like the stories I had in my head, so I kept them to myself. In sharing this story, I am sharing a part of myself.
    This book started life as a 'what-if' to another story I was writing. I fell in love with the characters who formed differently than their originals and I decided to make it a paranormal romance, even though the original was a sci-fi romance. Everything became my own, the character's struggles, their beliefs, their love. I had a little writer's block, but it was relieved by switching gears and writing something different. I love this book so much and I had such a good time writing it.
    I have 66 chapters up and this story can be found exclusively on GoodNovel.
    This is the first book of three and I haven't finished the third book, but I have time. I won't start posting it until after the second has gone to completion. I am very happy to have people read my work. Since I am a composition major, I really value feedback if you see a spelling error or huge grammatical issue please comment in the chapter so I can fix it. I have edited it repeatedly, but we always miss something when reading our own work.

  • hey guys, please check out this novel. I really hope you guys will like it and give me an honest review.
    thanks, much love <3

  • I never thought I would find myself in a situation like this. I wanted to be normal. There wasn't supposed to be anything special about me. But as soon as I turn eighteen, things turned south. My crush on the Astronomy professor isn't as innocent as I thought. The rudest jock in the academy has a hold of my lust. And I am no longer human. What has my life turn into?

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    Book Title: Making of a Space Tyrant

    Synopsis: Follows Hope and his family's flight from their home on Callisto to Jupiter. Hope's family sets out in a "space bubble" with many other refugees. The group is attacked repeatedly by space pirates, and most of the adults are raped, killed, or kidnapped by the end of the story.

  • Book Title: The Last Piece of my Soul

    Luo McCarner was dying when suddenly a woman looking like her twin asked her'' Do you wish to go to the past before you made the decisions which led you to this unenviable state or to die like a pathetic heroine in a play?'' Luo decided to take the chance to fix her fate leading to a tragic ending. But little did she know how deeply wounded her soul was and that she needed time to relearn how to be herself again. Unfortunately, the journey for self-discovery and self-repairing wouldn't be smooth. Her enemy was determined to bring her down and end her life for good.
    (Sometimes it might look that there is a love triangle, however, the MC has feelings only for the ML)

    Title: My Promise To You
    Author- Wild bunni
    Gerne: Fasnty, Romance
    Amber Johnson was once a famous survivalist one day While filming a survival tv show. Her coworker pushed her out of the helicopter. On her way to Hell, Amber made a deal with a goddess to be reincarnated as the panther clan Wife.
    Amber Meet Ondo, He is the Last Descendant of the panther clan. together they have to survive in a world called Ako.

    Ako is a cruel and unforgiving place with the panther clan is on the verge of extinction. She is the last hope to preserve their bloodline. Together they will have to Survives, Harsh winters, Unforgiving Forset, and enemy clan. Will they be able to survive?

  • TYLER is a great dancer, and also a student from Singapore who is going to India for an Immersion programme. The immersion programme took place in National Institute of Technology Rourkela, one of the prestigious colleges in Rourkela, Orissa state. Tyler expect to focus on his study over in India, but things just don't always go as planned. He met her, AISHWARYA. Tyler first met her at the bookshop when she was wearing a white sari, walking with her friends. But just when he thinks that everything is just pure coincidence, he met her the second time in the classroom where the professor introduced her to them as a second year student from the same department. Then the third time as a dancer in a dance group performed on stage for the fresher. Tyler's group was arranged to dance as a team with Aishwarya's group in the following week. Aishwarya pulled Tyler into the practice and they did a duet in the middle of the practice hall, it's like they had practiced for a long time. After the duet dance, Tyler left the dancing studio. Aishwarya chased after Tyler to question him why he left like that? Tyler hides his feelings and tells her that he just needed a drink in the canteen. Tyler got a facebook request by Aishwarya, and he accepted it. They stared to chat on facebook occasionally. During their last practice, CHETAN, one of the duet dancers got injured; Tyler showed his traditional Chinese medical skill to help Chetan recovered partially from the injury. Not long after, Tyler got replaced to dance with Aishwarya. As Tyler is a borned dancer, he caught up quickly with the steps even though he didn't practice any of it the whole time.

  • Title: Her Master and His Possession
    Author- White Witch
    Gerne: Romance, Urban, Mafia, Dark romance
    One night was all it took for my life to change, from a person to a prisoner, from a woman to a slave, my freedom was auctioned and sold, to a man, whose desires were that of a beast. He wanted control and I couldn't deny. He was toxic, but I couldn't resist. I was falling into the abyss unable to escape.

    Contains a lot of heated content aware 😎CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE AND SCENES...ADVICED FOR 18+Enjoy dear readers ><

  • hi I am just new here and i just want to promote my story, it wasn't the usual tory that you will read which means its plot is not like others, some parts are sensitive, please bear with me i am just a new writer, leave a review and i will do the same guys here is the link to my story

  • Book Title: Ultramarine
    Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Romance (Mermaids/Mermen)

    My mom believes she's on the verge of proving mermaids exist. She uproots us to Scotland, forcing me to leave everything I cared about behind. I resign myself to unstable weather, cranky neighbors, and a division from the outside world. Then I met Kayn, in his all glorified brawn and beauty—but soon learn his interior does not match up to his exterior. He's the most infuriating person I've ever met. Kayn makes sure I know I'm not welcome anywhere on the island, snatching every opportunity to turn my life uncomfortable and inconvenient, and even goes as far as using scare tactics against me to convince me to leave. If only he'd tell me why he wanted me gone so badly. Then, I end up in a boating accident. Kayn suddenly emerges out of nowhere, plus a shiny new tail… Oh yeah. A tail. The hot, annoying merman ends up saving my life. However, this bold endeavor puts not only our lives but our families' lives in danger. Turns out the merfolk forbid humans to know about their existence, or form any relationships with any of them—and with good reason. The last time they meddled with humans, half their population got slaughtered. Getting close to any of them was punishable—by death. Problem is, someone might already know. The only way I get to keep myself and everyone else safe is if I divert my mom's attention from making her next big discovery and sharing it with the world. This requires me to team up with Kayn to prevent it from happening. But that is if I don't end up killing him first.

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    Title: Tears' Curse
    Genre: Fantasy
    "Why do we need to protect the mortals? They're living in their 21st century, no longer believe in us!"
    "Because this is our oath."
    Xue Er, a 1000-year-old white dragon from Long Sheng Jie has been sent to the mortal world to protect it from evil forces. Living under the name of Miracle, she begins her journey of the recurring mission. But because mortals no longer believe in the existence of dragons, she cannot use her elements as much as she wishes to. When she thought she finally saved a mortal from becoming the fourth victim, things turn more complicated as she learns the truth behind her birth. What exactly is going on? Will Miracle be able to complete her mission in the world of mortality? Or will she be the next death of her species?


    Because I always believe that there are many things about the world that humans will never know. So having that in mind, I created this weredragon story. :)

    Feel free to read and leave some commentsss. ^^

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    Title: MAYA
    They say once you die, the memory from your previous life will fade and be gone forever, but in Maya's case, that is not what happened. Maya's memory remains in her present life. Before her name was Maya, she was a girl who was skeptical and curious about the world, but because of it, she died but once again rebirth into another wondrous world. With a new environment, new family, new name, and identity.

    Her new life was peaceful at first but got interrupted by a sudden phenomenon that brought everything that she had to ruin and, now, this new feeling awakening inside her, Rage, Agony, Vain, and Mourn. She loses her family and everyone she cherishes the most in a split second. She didn't want revenge. All that she wanted is Justice. Will she succeed, or will she fail and die not accomplishing it.

    How do you feel when writing this novel, joyful or painful, why?
    How do I feel umm Haha this is very? a surprising question. Is both I feel joy and pain because I base my story on my personality, my life experience, and the way how I look at the world as I turned into an adult.
    Have you ever run into writer’s block during writing this novel?
    Yes, I do sometimes. When I get tired and get stress that is when I get writer's block. HAHAHA is true I'm not joking.
    What makes you start writing?
    Hmm... well, first thing first I actually didn't like writing before because I prepared art, but in 2019 my life turned into chaos I mean I don't want to be emotional here. So I got lost and I ask the world so many questions because what I felt at that time is unfair, and found my old notebook and inside it. Is the story I wrote before I was 8 or 12 years old I forgot HAHAHA is a story about a girl who lives on the mountain with her cat name Baron, is a short story. And that's where everything starts. Then slowly I got healed and I got my answer also I found my purpose. Gosh so emotional HAHAHA.
    What does the novel mean to you?
    It means so much to me because that is the first thing that sustains me and saves me from this unpredictable and questionable world we live in. It contributes to my life like food. <3 That's all. I hope you guys won't check out my novel HA HA HA

  • |Excerpt|
    "Yes! But I will give you this, you are that one person, after a long time had a lingering effect on me. Like said, if I had a heart, I would have fallen for you."
    The more he said that the more I felt the pain intensify in my heart. I didn't want to continue this talk any longer.
    "Okay, so I think I should go now. And... I am not saying no, let me think this through, and will tell you soon." I said.
    "Sure, thank you so much. You're truly a nice woman, Meg!" he said and for some reason, I loved it when he called me that.

    When newly moved to New York City, Megan Clarke finds herself attracted to an emotionally closed-off man, Dr. Dylan Hill, who wants her to be his fake girlfriend for helping him get his rightful inheritance back from his suspicious grandmother.

    This novel is my first online novel, which also is now contracted on GoodNovel. I am a full-time writer, and this has been my passion always, I would really appreciate it if you can support me and let me know your thoughts, so I can improve my craft and become a little better with every chapter/novel.

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