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  • Hey guys. It would mean the world to me if you check out my book and leave honest reviews
    Book title: The Misfits of Romance
    Genre: Teen fiction/ Romance
    Jackie Davis has a serious dilemma and his name is Liam Patel.

    Like twins, they've been joined at the hip since kindergarten; sticking together through thick and thin and promising each other a world of twirling petticoats and magical curse-breaking kisses. But when childhood crushes turn into yearning, they turn out to be precisely as everything but one thing. Best friends, partners in crime, lab partners, you name it, but the sole thing Jackie ever really wanted them to be? In love.

    But when a jealous ex-best friend and a new boy walk into the mix, things only begin to go downhill.

    Thank you <3

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    Novel: Romance of ice and flame
    Synopsis: The romance between a Military surgeon and a general surgeon, Yu Yan is the best surgeon in Beijing Hospital while Han Chen is a soldier who intrudes her life, he slowly finds his way into her heart even though she is already dating the son of the hospital chairman, On a voluntary service in a military zone, the both of them experience danger and as a result, she died, then her soul enters the body of the young mistress of the flame sect who is also on the brink of death, another romance ensues between her and the fourth prince with a hidden identity.

    “Who are you, why are you in my head” Huo
    Lan screamed
    “Does she recognize me, no, I definitely made sure she never saw my face?” the fourth thought

    “Han Chen!!! Is it you, you followed me didn’t you” she said
    He went closer to her and held her hand, “are you alright, who is Han Chen”

    I would really appreciate it if you read my novel and tell me what you think about it in the comment section, it is also available in webnovel for now with more chapters.

  • Hey there! Please check out work and kindly leave a review! I'd do the same for yours. Just drop your linkk :)


  • Hey there! Please check out work and kindly leave a review! I'd do the same for yours. Just drop your linkk :)


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    Kindly read my works pleaseeee
    Title: Spurious

    In life, Lies and imperfection will be our enemy, but voices who comes on your own mind will be your greatest nightmare. Will you still give your trust to a woman who lied to you countless times? What will you going to do after knowing that the person whom you trust is the one who lied at you the most? And the woman who you accused liar is the one who's saying the truth?
    Who among them you'll going to allowed in entering your dark past? Will they still accept you? Or they will also do the same thing you did?

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    Please check out my work and kindly leave a reviews... I will be glad to do same for yours ❤❤❤

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    Their life was totally opposite, He's a hitman by profession, who gets whatever he wish for.
    she's a hopeless Orphan, bullied by everyone. What happens when he moves to a remote town to hide from his crimes and meets her. They become house mate and she cultivates feeling for him and then he has to go back.
    The story takes a turn with the arrival of his twin brother who cultivate feelings for her.

  • My book: Neon mates
    Its a wonderful werewolf novel I started writing in a's the link:

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    Title: Daddy
    Author: Ronan


    Ashton was kicked out from their house by his father because of his sexuality, he can only go back home if he decided that he's not gay anymore. He leaves their house defeated knowing that there's no chance of him going back home anymore. Out of frustration to find a shelter, he decided to post on his twitter account asking for help in exchange for his body.

    That's where he met Zie Mendez, the guy with oozing personality and charisma, the CEO of Mendez Publishing Inc. Zie is willing to give him a temporary shelter if only he agrees to be his bed warmer. Ashton who's desperate for a shelter leaves no choice but to agree.


    Please drop a review if you happen to have interest on reading my story, this is already completed with over 62 chapters. Thank you.

  • Title : Picture Perfect
    Genre : Romance
    Synopsis : Jae Clarke is the pride and soul of the University Photography Department despite her rebellious nature. Sebastian Dwayne is the new professor that doesn't take no for an answer. Because of her constant tardiness, Jae Clarke was given detention; which the new professor was willing to overlook if she agrees to do something for him. Jae reluctantly agreed after hearing his story. But unlike the pictures she takes, things aren't as perfect.
    Link :

    I'll give a review to those who'll review mine!>

  • Hey, you can check out my book in the link below and drop a review. I'll do the same, just drop the link to yours :)

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    Title: Trouble with the Devil
    Genre: Romance, YA
    Blurb: Liam closed the door behind and walked closer, step by step, striking fear in the girl. Nora backed away, her body hitting against the icy wall.
    He stared at her, his deep and cello voice resounding in the room. "Nora Shahan, have you forgotten what I told you three years ago? Don't provoke me. But time and time again you kept testing my patience."
    He picked up her jaw harshly and continued. "Tell me, how should I punish you?"
    Nora met his eyes which was filled with a coldness making her hair stand on end.
    This was the real Liam, cold and heartless.
    She was foolish to think he had changed for better.
    A pang of bitterness swelled in her heart and she closed her eyes, letting the memories from three years ago flood her mind.


    Three years ago, Liam had warned her to never appear in front of him and Nora had been well behaved, staying as far as away from him. Whenever he'd go north, she'd go south. Even when they were in the same class, she'd stay at the opposite end. But fate played a cruel joke on her when she got locked down at his place.
    He assumed it as one of her tricks to climb into his bed.
    But she was certain she had fallen into an elaborate trap.
    With his family using despicable means to destroy everyone around him, can Liam successfully get her out of that hell house?
    How will Nora survive living under the same roof with the person who's been nothing but a nightmare all her life while learning his darkest secrets that would entangle them together and bring their entire world crashing down with it?


    P.S: I'll really appreciate if you can give it a read and let me know your honest reviews about it.

    Thank you :)

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    Hey I hope you check out my novel
    It's title is 'irreplaceable Canary'.
    It talks about a singer and a doctor that cross paths and become lovers.
    I wish that you could give this novel a chance. Thank you.

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    Hi fellow readers <3 .
    I have just posted my first novel. IT IS DARK AND EROTIC NOVEL. This is my first time writing such a lengthy novel so feedback and reviews will be appreciated a lot. :)

    Chapters: 10 (ongoing)
    Genre: Romance/ Mystery/Erotica
    Tags: Dark, twisted, love, Mafia, Kidnap

  • Hi! I'm new to the forums and I have just finished my teenage supernatural book named Born. It would mean a lot if you head over to the link and gave me some feedback.

  • Hi there, please check out my new novel and tell me what you think about it. Thanks.


    When a woman has irrestible charm, a man can be blind to her dangerous ways.

    Sixteen years ago, Neah's father was killed by the queen mother of Niveria, a small island. And now she's back for revenge, working as a maid in the palace. Turns out it's not going to be a walk in the park because the people in it are more dangerous than they seem.

    Matters are complicated when she falls for the young king who isn't as nice as he pretends to be.

    Will she succeed in getting the one thing she believes can heal her broken heart or will the fight destroy her?

  • Title: Apaurushya

    Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy

    Synopsis- Humans believed that they were alone in the universe since they found no trace of others. But when they were finally ready to branch out in the outer-space and had finished colonization of their first planet in outer space. Suddenly they found out that there were many more species with intelligence.

    A higher cosmic sentient specie which called themselves as "Deities" presented them with a cosmic covenant named as 'The Treaty of Cosmic Stability' and A threat of the annihilation of the entire Humankind if they failed to sign the Treaty. For some unknown reason, humans signed and agreed with the treaty with no retaliation. Signing the treaty led humans to ascend one step further in their evolution and securing a gift of entry in the higher cosmic spectrum of the universe.

    But soon they found out that this gift was not a gift, but a beginning of a greater cosmic struggle. After being stuck at the bottom, humans have discovered that deep fractures in space exist as portals to another realm with an entirely diverse and obscure ecosystem. Humans call it 'Akashik Glitches'. The worlds of Akashik Glitches are highly complex with mysterious beings, objects, and secrets waiting to be discovered.


  • Hi! I'm new here and was wondering if some of you guys are interested in reading a YA fantasy fiction? There is tons of drama, sprinkles of magic, love triangles, and suspenseful momentum. I really hope you like it and I'm looking forward to reading your comments and/or reviews.

  • Hello fellow readers and writers <3

    I'm a new writer here and I just started to create a novel. I'm still in the process of editing it so if anyone here has a spare time to check out my new book and leave a review, I would see to it that I return the favor!


    Title: Afterglow

    Genre: Romance

    Synopsis: Zoelle Solaris had a taste of the cruel reality of life in just a short span of time. She used to be filthy rich, living a luxurious life and quite famous, not just in the business industry, but also in other things because of her beauty and --- attitude. It was until a tragic sequential of events was given to her by the heavens.

    Once upon a cruel summer, Zoe met the person who had made her a better version of herself. She was an arrogant spoiled brat turned to a shy sophisticated woman. She was willing to sacrifice anything that she could possibly offer just to satisfy him. But the same person she ever loved, is also one of the people who conspired against her family.

    Years passed, the same guy came back to her, offering something which is the sole purpose of her efforts. Would she trust him despite all the unfortunate things that happened between them? Will her love for him conquer her again and make the same mistakes that brought her doom?

  • "I never thought I would find myself in a situation like this. I wanted to be normal. There wasn't supposed to be anything special about me. But as soon as I turn eighteen, things turned south. My crush on the Astronomy professor isn't as innocent as I thought. The rudest jock in the academy has a hold of my lust. And I am no longer human. What has my life turn into?" Interested? Follow the link here:

  • Title: The Brightest Star
    Genre: Fantasy
    Synopsis:Wandering in the wastelands of Earth, Sirius found himself suddenly in a different world. Desiring for peace, he'll have to fight for the happiness he was deprived of until now...

    Hello fellow authors! For a long time, I wanted to write a fantasy novel in which I could add some phioshopical touches. My book can be considered an isekai, although I try to avoid the general overused characteristics of the genre. I like to consider my protagonist as another Christopher Columbus exploring a mysterious, foreign world. If you are interested in my story you might want to check out my book.

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    Hey guys. Please check out my book and leave a honest review.. Thanks! ❤️
    Book Title: Hidden Tears -"His Queen"
    Genra - Mafia love
    She was the clumsiest girl, with no specialization yet she was special. When she was a toddler, she learned that her parents had abandoned her as a result she was coerced to live like an orphan. With time she turned more lonely and built a shield around her with only one best friend. But unbeknownst to her, he loved her but wasn't able to confess due to his troubled family background. One day someone exceptional inadvertently intruded into her life. Later she got to know that the intruder was some lethal Mafia leader. She tried to retaliate and escape out of his world and hate him from the core of her heart. Gradually she completely got attached to his life with a strong string. She falls for him. She loved him, annoyed him, upset him. But can't let him go. Dark Brown hair, deep ocean blue eyes, sharp jawline, prominent muscles, and chest covered with scary Gothic tattoos, face design would make any Greek god jealous. He was everything that a cliche corrupt character demands to dictate as a dangerous chap. He was dark, ruthless, cold but for her, he was the only softest part in this world. He embraced her every flaw without any uncertainty. But he possesses more stains than her. His life is not ordinary. What will happen when these two will get appended by a touch of destiny? With time things got dirtier than one can imagine. Love, hate, misunderstanding, bloodshed, heated passion everything was molding her life into something she never wanted. Will she be able to cross all the trouble in his life just to be with him??
    Links -

  • Hey guysss, check out my first book on this platform. It's still ongoing...
    Innocent Manipulative Cruel Love girl Tragedy realistic
    Diary of a black girl tells the story of a wealthy Nigerian family,exposed and subjected to the cruel and inhumane abuses of a fanatic father turned callous under the guise of religion. However,Deja,the heroine still remains strong and resilient in the face of malice but at seventeen,in the wake of her mother's death,she is attacked.
    Now Deja's on the run from her past,with secrets too hard to tell and scars so deep they may never heal.Whatever the result,she will have to live with what happened during those traumatic years of being a victim.And as she struggles to heal from her pain,she meets Rotimi,a man who wants nothing from her-except to heal her and give her the family she doesn't even know she wants.Will she let the memories of her past consume her or will she fight for the freedom and love she so desires?
    Click this link to check out the book-
    Don't forget to leave a review,it would really make my day <3
    P.S: I'm super exciteddd to continue this book o:)

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    The 50: Post AI Apocalypse

    Genre: Sci-Fi
    Length: 39 Chapters and Ongoing.


    The story is about the adventures of fifty students in senior high, they traveled from a world controlled by machines into the past, the time of the start of the apocalypse, and they got stuck there. they will face many troubles in adapting to the new life, make new friends and enemies, and amidst all that, they will rediscover themselves, the loving ones might leave each other at some point and return afterwards, or continue forever with new ones or alone. Though they came from future, they would be separated into ones supporting and ones against the rebellion machines are starting, which will add more complexity to the events and more suspense and action. I hope you like the mix I made here, as I always wanted to read something like real drama but in a sci-fi cloak, hoping I achieved it here. I'm waiting for your reviews and comments, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed :D Updating Schedule: 3 Chapters daily.



    The story first came in my mind, couple of months ago, as a traditional post apocalypse novel, in a setting that resembled Terminator movies, where machines ruled earth.
    My first thoughts about it included the transforming point of the apocalypse, the moment when machines would turn their back on us and start attacking humans. I also thought of using the 'Return in Time' cliche, but I soon dropped all this.
    I watched the recent episodes of a TV series, called The 100, that revolutionized my ideas and made me reshape everything and think more alike my norms.
    Instead of starting from the moment of transformation, using the cliche back in time, why not go far, far in the future and make the 50 teenagers in my novel come back from future? why not just let them stuck there, at this moment, where war erupts and everything breaks down, and start the story from there?
    So, I worked for two weeks, demolishing what I had already written and planned, to make this new novel come to light.
    I hope you like it, and I'm waiting for your opinions, and any comment is warmly welcomed.

    Have a nice day all :blush:

  • Book Title: Love Without Time Limits
    Genre: Time travel romance + fantasy
    Synopsis: They say we are masters of our own fate. Captains of our own soul. But what if fate has a different plan? And the wilful soul begs to differ with fate? When Alyssa's boyfriend dumped her after a five-year-long relationship, little did she know that she was in for a toe-curling slow burn romance that turns into a wild ride with another guy from another time. Through a bizarre phenomenon, she wakes up as Allena, a Celtic tribe chief's daughter in ~200 BCE. Allena was set to wed a handsome and relentless Roman warrior, Marcus. But Marcus couldn't care less for the arranged marriage with Allena/Alyssa because he was already in a relationship with an ever so conniving Roman girl, Laelia. A timeless heartwarming love story spanning tens of centuries unfolds as the tides of destiny bring these fated, star-crossed lovers together. Why did Alyssa end up in the Iron Age? Can she fight fate and stay behind with Marcus forever?

  • Hi guys! Are you looking for some teenage drama with a sprinkle of fantasy? Look no further, Born is the right one for you. It will mean a lot if you also liked, commented, and did a review. I will do the same.

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