[Interview #3] - Cassandra Davy aka Lovelivelust: I listen to Rammstein when I write

Today I am joined by Cassandra Davy aka Lovelivelust Writes for an interview; the author of Fallen for the King, The Player Who Gets Played, Seducing The Single Dad and many other books available on Goodnovel. Many of her books have reached a million reads on other platforms yet English is not even her native language!

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By Alex N.
August 31, 2020

Interviewer: So let’s get started, how did you become a writer?

Cassandra: I've been in love with books since I was a kid, then I came across Wattpad where I submerged myself in all the FREE books I could read. Then I was hooked with the various stories available there. Soon I was leaving my Stephen King's and Lee Child's for Rob Thier's. He is one of my favorite Wattpad authors.

Next about a year ago my best friend told me about me about her writing journey as a traditional author. Then I was thinking maybe I could try. So, I started typing my heart out on Wattpad and just carelessly publishing my stories. One chapter after another, one story leads to another, then it was like an addiction. I started craving for people's comments since they stated that they like my stories. Lol! So now here I am a year and a half later, still abusing my phone typing and mind for all to enjoy. <3

Interviewer: So you’ve only been writing for a year and a half and already you have written 10 or more books? What’s your writing schedule like?

Cassandra: Actually I got 21 publish stories, 3 are still ongoing. 1 is on my Patreon account.

There's no writing schedule, I usually finish one book in a month considering my books are less than 40 chapters long. But yes, I type everyday. Whenever my phone is attached to my hand, that's when I start my writing. It's harder for me to find and scheduled a time to write on my laptop. It'll take more dedication for me to write on a laptop. Unless I am alone in the house, then I will use my laptop.

Interviewer: English is actually your 2nd language, how did you learn to write in English so well? (Cassandra is from S.E Asia).

Cassandra: Actually I'm still on my learning curve in writing. So I wouldn't consider myself to be "so well" writing in English. I still have lots of grammatical mistakes in my writing. I'm no editor and won't consider myself as one. That's a whole other profession that I applaud for a person. I just don't have the patience and the eyes to become one. But if you asked why I chose to write in English rather than my own language, I would say because I grew up reading English books. Also watching foreign movies and obviously sesame's street is also to blame. Haha. So, writing in English comes naturally in my head. I don't really need to reset my thoughts when I type. And the settings, the characters all just make sense if I write them in English.

Interviewer: If you wrote in your native language, would you not feel you can also gain another audience in your own country?

Cassandra: Okay first of all, I suck at my own language. I know...so sad :D But seriously, I would always get higher score in English. While I'd get C's and D's for my native language.

I always have difficulties in expressing myself in my own language. It's weird, and my child is suffering the same thing as me. But I'm happy with my current fan base. I'm happy to meet and talk to people from other countries all across the world! I have learnt so much about other places and cultures!

Interviewer: Do you have any plans to publish your current or future novels? Or do you only plan to write online novels?

Cassandra: Honestly traditional publishing scares me. A LOT of work needs to be done (covers, editor, publicists, etc). Then I come up against giants of the industry, and compete with them sales wise.

I don't have the tenacity to push through such work, while my head is filled with too many stories that needed to be let out. So unless I have a helping hand to do this, I'd say that journey will probably be years away from me. I will stick to writing and publishing online novels, where the process is quick and more to my pace. But then again you never know. I will graciously open my chances to anything that falls on my lap. o:)

Interviewer: Would you say you have any challenges in writing a novel?

Cassandra: Yes. TIME. I need more writing time and time to do my edits. Since lockdown I failed to produce three chapters a day. Now I'm writing a chapter a day, since my family is home ALL THE TIME, I know I should be grateful. Which I am, seriously. I am. If I have more time, then my head can relax. Lately it has been really busy up there, too many characters and stories are asking be let out. So my challenges are time management and definitely the mighty power of self editing. If I have those two things solved, I'd be a very happy typer. <3

Interviewer: Other than just adult themed books, do you plan to write into other age groups and genres?

Cassandra: I've created horror, mystery and fantasy but all have adult themes. Embrace the Dark, and Embrace the light are Adult Horror. Then Fallen for the King is supernatural LGBT erotica book. There's also Mated to the Dark Lord with witches and king of hell himself, hopefully this one can be uploaded to Goodnovel by next month.

I love these genres, and I find it easier to write since there are more conflicts to create, and these characters can take me so far away into their worlds. But if I'm going to write non erotica books, I will likely write under a different pen name. I'm also itching to write for younger audience, and have some horror or magical themed books which my child can read.

Interviewer: Where do you get the ideas to write so well? Is it from your favorite authors?

Cassandra: My ideas are from everywhere, but usually bad movies, songs, even from browsing Pinterest.

Under Cassandra Davy, I'm creating erotica based books where all the characters live in one city. They know each other and would bump into one another and end up in a happy ending love story for all to enjoy.

All profession will be involved in this journey. Painter, boxer, lawyer, real estate agent, surfer, model, financial consultant: you name it they will all have a story to tell. Even my witches and werewolves know their doctors and mafias. You need to really get into my stories, to have a feel of my city and its people.

And right now I'm starting one story from a readers' request about a homeless woman with a hot cop. I'm still on my couple first chapter but this book will be coming to Goodnovel.
So as I said, everywhere. But if you asked if I took ideas from favorite author I would say not really. But people say every writer has their favorite author's influence reflected on their books.

My favorite authors include Stephen King, Lee Child, Stieg Larsson, Dean Koontz, Rob Thier; strangely none are erotica.

Interviewer: Do you interact with your fans a lot? i.e their advice on how the plot should go? (Or have you already decided from the start?)

Cassandra: I love my readers, yes I'm obsessed with their comments and feedbacks. Even their criticism and edits, I love them all!

My readers would make suggestions, but my characters would only let me do their stories. My readers would play match maker on who they would like me to write next, but that would be it.

I have a book dump/ ideas dedicated for my readers, where they would write their request for me to write next. i.e. Student x teacher, vampires, billionaire, etc. Then I would choose one and write that without a plot. Yes, I don't do plots. Just a general idea on how the story would play out, and let the characters guide me to their adventure.

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite character then out of the novels you have written?

Cassandra: Ah, this is a tough one. It's like you're asking me who's my favorite baby. I love them all the same, I gave them my heart out as I'm writing their stories. Tears and joy, and even the sexy times. I love them all unconditionally. But if you're really asking, it'll be Olga. This character is actually named after one of my reader. She inboxed me one day saying she hated her name, because she was bullied as a child with that name. And me being the anti bully of them all, decided with her permission to take her name as my Mafia Heiress characters name (book coming soon to Goodnovel). Olga's book is a bit different since she's the one who's telling the story. I have a lot of fun writing the book, and her bratty-ness and comebacks I think are the best!

Interviewer: Do you find it difficult to write about the opposite sex? Or roles which you do not represent in life?

Cassandra: Not as accurate as I would hope, I asked my LGBT friend for his input on my +18 scenes and at least I was making progress. But when I throw it to my readers the feedback was making me smile. So I guess it's different for everyone. I think, it would be a challenge for any writer to write their characters when we’re none of these characters i.e a cold blooded killer. But we read and study about the characters, and make them come alive in our books with their little traits and quirks. And this is where I think a writer will be at their best: When they can submerge their readers into believing that the characters are as real as it gets.

Interviewer: What is your hardest scene to write?

Cassandra: I never classified any scene as hard. That way it'll just roll and push me through to the end of the book. I believe once you say it's hard, that's when you're starting to build up that writer's block. Taking a break usually help, listening to Spotify helps a lot, I have a whole range of playlist that you can peek. Music play a large role in my writing, it'll cheer up my mood or take me to the saddest level and help me entranced to a deeper feel for my character's sadness.

Interviewer: Really? So what music do you listen to when you write?

Cassandra: I'm very versatile in music taste. But right now it's Apashe, Besomorph, Renforshort, Dua Lipa, Aviva, Silent Child, NF and for my latest book from Du Hast (Rammstein) to Aerosmith, etc, etc.

You can follow my Spotify playlist, just search playlist by lovelivelust <3

Interviewer: You have a lot of fans: some of which may also wish to be authors, do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Cassandra: Some have inboxed me asking exactly that, and I'm always over the moon whenever I received that kind of message. My advice is keep on writing, keep on learning and enhance your skill.

Don't worry about the reads, the hate comments and everything else. Just write for yourself. Don't chase on contracts if you're not ready. Build your readers and love both free readers and paying ones. They're the ones that are going to take you places and make your day brighter. 

And most importantly do not plagiarize other people's work.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time today Cassandra, it was wonderful to talk to you.


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