[Interview #2] Jane Knight - During publishing I even cried but I am grateful for what I learnt

Today I am joined by Jane Knight, author of: Her Fae Lovers, Wild and Untamed on Goodnovel. She describes the arduous effort during the publishing process but is happy to have learnt a lot. Her books are all set in the same world so she keeps a notepad memorizing all the lore and minor details!

By Alex N.
August 24, 2020

Interviewer: When did you decide to become a writer?

Jane: Almost two years ago when my youngest son started becoming more independent. I was searching for something to do and my husband suggested writing again. I'd always used to write when we were younger and it was a hobby I hadn't realized I'd missed until I set out to write my first story since my teens. After I finished that first book I just kept on and haven't stopped since.

Interviewer: As writing was a hobby of yours when you were younger, does that mean a lot of the books that you write now are edited versions of those older manuscripts? Or are they completely new works?

Jane: Completely new works, I got my start writing fan-fictions. When I started writing again, I went in with an idea for original characters and started world-building from there as I wanted to create a complex universe so all of my books could intertwine. Granted most of my books span different generations, you will see mentions/moments with other characters from my previous books.

Interviewer: So by creating an entire world for your characters, is it difficult to make sure all the canon materials is correct? i.e minor details, etc.

Jane: Not necessarily. I've got a file for each book that I write with a list of the side characters and their characteristics: down to the minor details like what they like to drink or what their hobby is. Example: Dev likes to paint and restore cars in his spare time or Mary loves to knit in between scaring the servants and Charles' pet. So I can see a spot where a character from a previous book would work and I'll pull up the file from the book. Like in Her Fae Lovers I have Lu going into a bar and the bartender mentions a group of vampires that he should avoid. I really like to leave those easter eggs in the stories because it's like we get to see a glimpse of our favorites just for a moment. As a reader I enjoy books like that. (BELOW: Jane Knight).

Interviewer: And I guess you leave teasers and a few secrets that may become relevant in future books as well?

Jane: Absolutely. When I wrote Wild and Blood Thirsty, I knew that book was going to have a lot of twists and turns that would lead into Her Dominant Dragon, Wild and Untamed, and Her Trapped Dragon. When my beta-reader (close friend who is also an avid fan) got to the big reveal she was speechless for a few days.

Interviewer: Out of all these characters that you have created, who would you like to meet in real life?

Jane: That's a really hard question for me, but I'd have to go with Sam (from Wild and Blood Thirsty). I feel like we would have a lot of fun gaming. Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies, before I used to play world of warcraft for hours

Interviewer: Because of the success of your online novels, have you considered publishing?

Jane: Yes, I actually released my first paperback of Wild and Blood Thirsty, and I'm going through the revision/editing process with Hers for the Holidays to get it ready for print this November. I've also got a short story called Mistaken Mates that will be coming out in a week in an anthology called Whispers in the Night Vol. 1 by Serenity Haven Publishing. I'm hoping to get Her Dominant Dragon started on my editing process (hopefully) in time for when I start releasing chapters of Her Trapped Dragon in September.

Interviewer: Tell me how the publishing process went? Difficult or easier than expected?

Jane: Some parts were more difficult than I expected, during formatting I even cried as it so much effort. That was a nightmare, I'd have to say that revisions/editing were not fun either. Just because I do 3 rounds of those so it takes a bit of time, but overall it's a process that I'm glad I learned about for the future. For now, I'm relieved that its all done and dusted. But I'm also excited. It's very fulfilling for me to hold a physical copy of one of my own books in my hands.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to authors who also want to publish?

Jane: To be able to take advice and criticism, when it's given. Most of the time it's not coming from a place of meanness, but wanting to help. You also really need to have a clear idea of what you consider a success when it comes to your publishing journey. What you consider a personal success might be different than what I consider a success but that's okay. We all have our own journey when it comes to publishing.

Interviewer: And from this process, I presume that you have also met a lot of new people? i.e publishers, editors, authors that have helped you along the way?

Jane: I have, Pesha who is a fellow romance/erotica author was an amazing help with figuring out formatting. Serenity Warren helped me with my cover on her Facebook group April’s Dream Design.

Interviewer: And with your fellow authors, I presume that you help each other with tips, ideas, techniques, etc?

Jane: Yes we do, such as when we see a YouTube video that's relevant to what we know and another in our group is struggling with we share it to them. Maria Warren and I also have a Discord group where we do word sprints and have a great place to sound board ideas with like-minded authors.

Interviewer: And now that you have joined Goodnovel, have you met other interesting authors?

Jane: Definitely, Pesha and Mel Dixon are two of the authors that I've had the pleasure of meeting on Goodnovel. I recently spoke to Angela Carver as well; Mana Sol is another author I've had the pleasure of chatting with. I also got to chat with Loren Jay (her book The Silent Siren pulled me in quickly). Mab De Narra has also been someone I've enjoyed chatting with, not just about writing but gaming and art as well. There's lots of good authors on here, I probably can't name them all of the top of my head!

Interviewer: Earlier you mentioned your husband, is he a writer as well?

Jane: No, but he's always been very supportive of my writing. He won't read it as he blushes far too much the times he did try to pick up one of my books. He is a huge cheerleader for me when it comes to my writing without him and my best friend Maria Warren I probably wouldn't be writing as much as I do now.

Interviewer: He blushes when he reads your work?! Then do you plan to write something that he would enjoy in the future? i.e a different genre.

Jane: I would love to, but I'm not good with action. I've tried to add more into my books, but he prefers more of style like the Joe Ledger books (which I enjoy reading too). I just don't fit that writing style as much as I'd love to. So I'll probably be sticking to romance.

Interviewer: Being a mother, do you feel more attached when you write about what happens to the children characters in your novels?

Jane: When I do have children characters mentioned, I do try to capture those emotions that I feel as a mom, and that I felt before I had children. In Her Dominant Dragon, I had Louis and Marcus playing with the children and Amelia feeling regret because that wasn't something she wanted at that moment (not giving any spoilers). In Wild and Untamed I have Annie dealing with depression during pregnancy which was something I struggled with. So I try to make the characters relatable to women who are going through those struggles in what should be the happiest times in their lives.

Interviewer: Last question, do you ever google yourself?

Jane: I have, but its just to see some of the reviews on sites like Goodreads it's nice to see those different reviews of the books. Even the negative reviews as I feel they help us grow as authors.

Interviewer: Well, I hope in the future that more readers will google you! Thank you for your time today, it was a pleasure to interview you.


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