[Interview] Angela Lynn Carver - I didn't even know English before I was 15

Today I am interviewing Angela Carver, a very popular web author of: The Bad Boy's Problem, My Boss Is Clueless and The Debt Collector. Her character’s are detailed and well written due to her educational background yet before she was 15; she didn't even know English!

By Alex N.
August 19, 2020

Interviewer: What made you decide in becoming an author?

Angela: I've always had an active imagination. I imagined different types of characters and scenarios and one day I decided to write them down in a form of journal. I kept the stories in my head secret until I discovered a free writing platform where anyone can share their stories. So I finally decided to stop being afraid and share mine.

Interviewer: And how long have you been writing?

Angela: Since 2001. I only went public with it in late 2018. Back when I was younger: English was not even my favorite subject in school since it was not my first language. I found it rather difficult. My first story was actually written in a different language (Bengali). When I first came to USA at 15, I started to read in English to practice and eventually it progressed to writing. (BELOW: Angela Carver).

Interviewer: So what happened to all materials and books that you wrote back in the 2000s?

Angela: They are still hidden away somewhere. They are childish and full of errors and some of the stories are absolutely ridiculous. _I’m thinking about burying them in my backyard. _

Interviewer: What was your first attempt writing in English like?

Angela: It was terrifying. I had no idea what I was doing and my grammar was all over the place. My first book on Wattpad is called His Sweet Sunflower. The corniest and clichéd book you'll ever read (chuckle). But I got a lot of positive comments on it so I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

Interviewer: Do you hope to become a full time author in the future?

Angela: I majored in psychology and plan to find a career in that field. So yes, writing will remain as my number one hobby, not a career. But I will definitely keep writing forever.

Interviewer: And by majoring in psychology; do you feel you can write the characters better? i.e their perspectives and thoughts?

Angela: Yes. That's absolutely right. After learning about human behavior for four years it helped me understand people. Especially when I am describing their feelings for each other. Being an author of the romantic genre, it has helped me tremendously.

Interviewer: Yeah, and you write a lot of romantic novels. When you write novels how do you balance between writing “cliché” plot and genre versus originality?

Angela: It is difficult to avoid cliché. I want to say almost impossible. But when I write, I try to base the characters in my books off of people I know personally. I’ve also had a few romantic relationships. In other words, many of the romantic events in my books are based off of real life events.

Interviewer: Is there one particular person that has given you the most ideas on how, who, what to write about?

Angela: Yes. That would be my husband. He is almost sickeningly romantic (chuckle). His nickname should be, Mr. Hallmark.

Interviewer: Do you set a schedule on how often do you write?

Angela: Unfortunately, I am a disorganized person and I cannot bring myself to set a schedule. I pretty much write whenever I feel like it. It could be morning, afternoon, doesn't matter. The ideas pops up in my head when I least expect it.

Interviewer: So I guess you would literally grab the smartphone that second and type down your idea?

Angela: Yes! Or it gets lost forever or changes into something else.

Interviewer: Some authors like to listen to music whilst writing, others prefer a snack or hot coffee. What would you prefer?

Angela: I prefer snacks and total silence. Sometimes a can of Coca Cola. I am not much of a coffee drinker. I do love music. However, when I write, the lyrics become distracting as they are stories told by the musicians. I need silence to hear the voices of my character that are stuck inside my head.

Interviewer: So that’s a slight challenge sometimes to prevent writer’s block, do you have any other challenges regarding writing?

Angela: I don't face challenges when I'm writing romance. That's my comfort zone. However, if I try to write other genres (I.e. Horror) I find it difficult to form an original idea. I'm a horror movie/books fanatic so when I try to attempt my own story of that genre I get severe writer's block. Because I feel like I'm not good enough to write something that I would enjoy reading myself.

Interviewer: Would you like to write into those genres?

Angela: I would love to write a horror novel one day. I’m a huge fan of Korean and Japanese horror films i.e The Grudge (Japanese version), A Tale of Two Sisters, etc. I'm thinking about it constantly; I just don't know how to put into words.

Interviewer: Who is your favorite author?

Angela: R. L. Stine. The Fear street series was the first English books I read. I currently have a huge collection of R. L. Stine books sitting on my bookshelves. I’ve also both read and watched the Goosebumps series as well, plus the movies. Seriously I’m a loyal fan. Other authors who I also really admire include: John Saul, Agatha Christie, Anna Rice and Joan Lowery Nixon. Stephen King is also one of my favorites, but sometimes his books are hard to follow.

Interviewer: Which has been your favorite book to write?

Angela: Out of all of the books? I want to say My Boss is Clueless is my favorite book I wrote. The female lead is basically me in a fictional character form.

Interviewer: Then do you feel that character will appear again in future novels i.e sequels? Or for cameos?

Angela: Possibly? I do love the idea. In fact, my book The Debt Collector has a character at the end who was a main character in a different book of mine. That book is also a spinoff of my first book The Bad Boys Problem so some of the characters make their appearances. My fans seem to love it when I do that.

Interviewer: So do you listen to your fans on how the plot should go?

Angela: I do listen to my readers to a certain extent. If I already have a plot planned out in my head, I would never change it. However, if they comment on a certain character and are hoping for a specific result for them then I consider it. I also listen to their ideas and may bring them to life in my next story.

Interviewer: If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Angela: I would tell myself, stop being so hard on yourself and question your imagination. Own your stories even when you think they are bad. Life is too short to waste your creativity.

Interviewer: Do you hide any secrets, easter eggs or hidden phrases in your novels?

Angela: Hmm, easter eggs? I don’t believe so. But that’s a great idea for my next book!


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