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  • Hey, if anyone fancies a werewolf book please check mine out! I am happy to check out other books, especially werewolf ones.
    Title: Bitten
    Synopsis: Being bitten at 23 set Maggie's life on a very different course. Becoming a werewolf she had to learn to navigate a whole new world while still existing in her old one.Female wolves are rare and Maggie quickly realised that only a pack could offer her any real safety. Reluctant to become a full member of any pack, and to have to submit to all the rules and regulations, she instead accepts protection from the local Haven Falls pack, including the sexy beta Max. Not being a member of the pack doesn't mean relationships can't still be complicated.A lone unmated female always attracts attention, protected or not. When attention comes from the wrong place, Maggie must learn to trust and rely on her new allies even as she tries to maintain her independence and freedom.

  • Hi @Anna Smith
    Will look at your book and provide some feedback / general comments. Do you have a link to your story? Is it published here on Goodnovel?
    If you have some time, check out my first werewolf story (still in the early stages, though). Thanks in advance :)

    Link to story:

  • Kindly check out mine too...
    Also who wants to exchange reviews can DM

  • Hey,
    i would really appreciate some reviews on my newly completed "Blessed by the Blood Moon". Thank you very much in advance.

  • Give this a try💛 And can you give me an honest review about my book? Thank you so much. It’ll help me to see the flaws or what.

    With a bad experience with his previous girlfriends, Aiden Collin swore not to fall in love again. He focused on his work as a surgeon. Then he met Nimueh Reed by chance. Their first encounter wasn’t good, Aiden was being a hostile man he used to be and Nimueh showed herself through her tactless attitude.

    They met again in an unintended situation, slept on the same bed and avoided each other after. They become busy with their own work until a baby comes into their life–which changes everything.


  • I never thought I would find myself in a situation like this. I wanted to be normal. There wasn't supposed to be anything special about me. But as soon as I turn eighteen, things turned south. My crush on the Astronomy professor isn't as innocent as I thought. The rudest jock in the academy has a hold of my lust. And I am no longer human. What has my life turn into?

  • Hey there!
    Please check out my story and drop a review! I'll be sure to return the favor

    ** Genre: Fantasy Romance**
    Status: Ongoing
    In an alternate modern-day universe-
    Monarchy is the form of government.
    The king's word is the law.
    Royals are born and bred to rule.

    This story revolves around the royal family of the kingdom of Neviza, one of the largest and strongest empires, previously ranked third among the top five before ascending to the first position after the reigns were inherited and held by a certain emperor with heavenly looks, a sharp mind, cold gaze, ruthless nature and a frozen heart which beat for one single person. The only one whom he gazed at with adoring warmth in his eyes, pampered with extravagant riches and showered with passionate kisses.

    A young pauper who rises and gains success due to her skills. She is whisked away by a prince and captured in court politics. Surrounded by wicked schemers and false friends, she has her work cut out for her because of an unrelenting and overbearing prince who just won't give up on his feelings for her. Is she supposed to be impressed by him and give in or will his strong feelings and possessive attitude chase her away? Not to mention the many secrets that he has kept hidden from her.
    Will she succeed in uncovering the truths that could change all that she has ever known and believed in?
    This is the story of how a prince was forced to leave the princess of his heart before an emperor returned to claim his empress.
    A prince and a pauper- they had a past together, but, will they have a future?
    Enemies lurk at every corner
    Each danger worse than the former.
    If all is fair in love and war
    Then don't blame me if I go too far.

    Do share your thoughts on it with me, please!


  • Can't help falling in love...

    She teaches him how to love.
    He teaches her how to do business.
    But when trouble comes, he tries protect her heart.
    She tries to save his business.

  • Hi, friends :) Willing to rate + review your stories if you give mine a quick read + review.
    If you have time to spare, kindly check out my new books:
    1 - His Faithful Mate [Cali Alphas]

    Jessi is a small-time make-up artist aspiring for a thriving career in the modeling and beauty industry. She moves to LA when she lands a job at one of the biggest production companies in Hollywood.
    Her first week on the job, Jessi meets Jenson Ross, a big-deal actor and director with a dark secret which only a privileged few in his social circle know about. They hit it off.
    Bad luck comes her way when she ends up jobless again. Jenson finds out and offers her a new employment opportunity. Desperate for a new job, Jessi accepts the offer and works as his full-time personal assistant.
    Her simple, mundane city life as a girl making ends meet becomes a complicated colossal mess when she finds out he's leaving the country, and she's pregnant at 25 with his first child.
    × Genres: Contemporary Romance, Werewolf, Crime × Rating: PG-15

    2 - The Alpha's Dhampirica [Mafia Games XII]

    After moving back to New York to pursue her medical degree, Mykaela, a dhampirica searching for her biological father, navigates her way through a dangerous web of lies and family secrets while contemplating a long-distance relationship with Miles, her best friend.
    Maximiliano "Miles" Falco, a pureblood vampirar, wants nothing but a quiet life away from his family of big-time criminals aiming to be the biggest mafia clan in Italy. Miles wants the best for Mykaela—but he has to push her away so he can deal with his own demons and the envious mobsters awaiting his family's downfall.
    Magnus Mihajlović Roiz is a powerful vampire-werewolf hybrid and the firstborn son of Ilya, an alpha who is a highly influential member of the Mihajlović-Božić clan. After Magnus learns of his estranged father's deathbed wish, Magnus must find Mykaela in order to inherit the dying alpha's multibillion empire.
    Enzo Tomassini is a businessman whose family has teamed up with the Falcos to reign over the crime families in Europe. His unexpected brush with death has left him questioning his family's choices while struggling with his own morality. When push comes to shove, Enzo seeks help from Miles while hiding his true feelings for Mykaela.
    Will their choices protect them from the dangers of the world they live in? Or will they resort to drastic measures to escape the lethal fury of the Italian and Russian mafia?
    ◆ PG-16 ◆

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    Hello Guys. My story is about myths/sci-fi and Fantasy! Comments and Review are very much appreciated! Lmk if you want to review yours. Just leave an " :* " after the review and I will check yours out.

    Title: Submerged Land
    Genre: **Sci-fi, Romance, Fantasy

    Year XX26 when a plane had gone missing. No one has heard from it since then. Search parties were called off and passengers were declared dead. People tried calling out to them through their phones. They hear it ring but no one answers.

    Nathalia Trayce's father was on that plane and she's determined to find out where or what exactly happened to him; by going to the place that her father was suppose to go. Hoping to find more clues, she boarded a plane passing through the Pacific Ocean when an unexpected thing happened; their plane crashed and they suddenly found themselves in an underwater land. The Atlantis, where they found out that they were responsible for the missing planes in order to save them from the government. At least, those who posses Atlantean genes - a superior gene that help improve their physical and mental abilities. But why can Nathalie hear the thoughts of sea creatures - an ability that is suppose to be for Byron, who's the said reincarnated demigod?

    Trained by an Atlantean general named Skyr, and learning that her ex-bestfriend, Trei, was actually one of the Atlantean rebels. Nathalia had to choose which side to take. Or in her case, who to believe.

  • Hi guys, are you looking for a book with dark romance and twisted characters. Then check out my book!
    I'll also read your book and review it too. xoxo
    Here's the link, don't miss out on the thrill!


    "Five years and that's all you have to say to me?" he asked. Standing so close she could taste his breath.

    She wanted to move away from him. But she didn't want him to know just how much he affected her. So she stood right there. She wasn't going to let him intimidate her.

    "Well... Is there anything else you want me to say?" she asked

    The side of his mouth moved upwards.

    He was smiling? Why the hell was he smiling like that? She thought. She didn't remember saying anything funny.

    "You left... Kitty" he said. "I asked you to stay... Begged you to stay... And you left anyways.. With him. And now you come back... Acting like everything is okay between us...?"

    There was something about him... She thought. Something about the way he called her 'Kitty' that made her heart flip. He was the only one who called her that. She hadn't even realized how much she missed him calling her that.

    "You shouldn't have gone with him". He said.

    "Oh really? Why not? Because you didn't want me to?" she asked. She was starting to get angry.

    "Yeah that's right" he replied. "And because of what you felt for me -what we felt for each other. When I came near you, you felt an excitement so intense that you ceased to breathe --like you are feeling right now. You wanted me just as much as I wanted you. And that should have been enough to make you stay"

    Katherine has had a crush on Jensen Packard since they were teenagers... But he never notices her as he sees her as his best friends Sister.

    But what happens when she returns five years later... And Jensen knows he can't let her go for the second time.

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    please read my book!!! feel free to leave a thoughtful and honest review please!
    ****Book title- Reborn for Love****.
    A mixture of re-incarnation and Romance.
    Imagine if you could start all over again as who ever you choose to be. and what's more interesting? the fact that you would be starting over with your soul mate who just happens to be a billionaire stuck in the past!!! sounds tempting right? that is the position Elena found herself, the choice of a guaranteed happy ending! and she took it, because for love, there was no price too great to pay.

  • Hi there! I have become inspired to share my own stories/fantasies after reading a few others on this platform. Please give my story a read if you feel interested! It's a sexy story about rival werewolves who find out they are mates, it has a few twists and plenty of romance;)

  • Olá! Este é um trabalho recente, gostaria muito de trocar feedback com alguém

  • Title: Heart Over Sword

    Evanna’s world came crashing down the moment the physician gave her mother 6 months left to live. But after discovering a long, lost secret, hidden by the elves, the sheltered and naïve princess sets off on a quest to find the one item that could change the hands of fate. In order to do this, she must come face to face with the Flori, the heartless and deadliest of the elven kingdoms.

    Her plan disintegrates when she is caught red-handed in the elven kingdom, where the penalty for even crossing over to their land is death. However, the princess soon finds herself to be the shiny new toy for the cold-hearted elven prince to play with, determined, she does what she must to survive.

    Will she be able to escape from his clutches and make it home in time to help her mother, or will she find herself falling deeper into the elven world, he introduces her to?

  • Sinopse: Mudanças sempre acarretam sensações estranhas, encaixar-se em um novo ambiente tende a ser difícil, especialmente quando se encontra algo que não deveria existir em seu novo quarto. Era exatamente isso que atormentava a jovem Sarah ao depara-se com um espectro sombrio fitando-a com intensidade, e depois de ser taxada de esquizofrênica acaba por buscar respostas por conta própria, mesmo que isso signifique desenterrar segredos antigos da comunidade.


  • Kindly check out my story, Loving the Mafia Boss. I hope you all will enjoy :)

  • Title: Dark Love.

    Genre:Dark Romance
    After playing a reckless game, a spoiled and gullible girl did not expect to find herself in a serious relationship with an intriguing and no-nonsense guy who starts to discipline her.

  • Hey, I would like to do a review swap.
    My story is called "Dandelion Lover" and you can find it here.

    After you're done with the review, just reply to this post as a reminder for me to return the favor, or leave me a message.

    Katelyn Ross is a slightly awkward young adult that has problems fitting into the norms of society, who is still struggling to find the right job. One day her life changes when she is hired to work as a copywriter at a small company.
    Meeting new people and making new friends becomes easy in the new company, but when her care towards her boss becomes more than she could allow herself, her once quiet life becomes filled with struggles to keep her own feelings under control.
    Whether she falls prey to her feelings or she manages to fight against them, one thing is for sure, life is never as easy as it seems and it is up to her to face her own weaknesses and to stand up and fight for what she wants.

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    hi, fellow authors and readers. :)
    check out my novels and leave some feedback/review and i will gladly return the favor! :)

  • Hi, everyone! I will be thrilled if you check out my book and leave a review, I will be glad to return the favor to you... Thank you :wink:

    Title: A Journey to Forever
    Mia's been in love with her best friend, Alex for 7 years.

    They were like 3 in 1 coffee that can't be broken into another but suddenly Alex decided to get married, which makes Mia feel upset and terrible.
    So her friend, Kelly brought her to the bar to comfort her-- a place where she will meet Xavier.

    Every time they will have an encounter with each other, many unexpected things happens. Mia thinks that Xavier is bad luck in her life. She even distances herself from this man but fate always makes a reason to let them meet once again.

    Will she be able to succeed in distancing herself from Xavier or she will be trap in his arms forever?

  • Hi!
    Link of my novel, pls do check it out and tell
    me what you think!

  • Here is my work. Check it out. it is R18+ so be careful.
    Novel Link

  • Hi, Check out my book

    After he was betrayed by his best, friend all hotelier Dylan Vergara wants is revenge but resourceful and feisty Ella came as a surprise and the feelings he once had for her that were beginning to surface hadn’t been part of his damn plan.
    Blackmailed into a marriage of convenience to pay her family's debt, Ella loathes the arrogant young billionaire who thinks the entire world revolves around him. Caught between her feelings for her first crush Jason, Dylan’s best friend, Ella didn't plan to find herself caring for her husband to the point that she was willing to risk everything.

  • Hi, Check out my book

    After he was betrayed by his best, friend all hotelier Dylan Vergara wants is revenge but resourceful and feisty Ella came as a surprise and the feelings he once had for her that were beginning to surface hadn’t been part of his damn plan.
    Blackmailed into a marriage of convenience to pay her family's debt, Ella loathes the arrogant young billionaire who thinks the entire world revolves around him. Caught between her feelings for her first crush Jason, Dylan’s best friend, Ella didn't plan to find herself caring for her husband to the point that she was willing to risk everything.

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