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    pls check out my work Im new here thank youu

  • @YL sure. Please check out mine too and leave a review :)

  • BLURB:

    He told me she was the little glimmer of light in his dark soul but he lost her and I was the replacement.

    "You shine like the fucking sun but I don't want you bright, I want you tainted". With that, he claimed me.


    Tammy Jones was just a college student that returned home for the Christmas holiday. Little did she know the beginning of the holiday was going to be the start of her new life in a world where mayhem and danger lurked.

    At the time when she'd lost all hope of escaping the cruel world, an extremely good looking stranger rescued her. But there was more to this stranger than just the good looks.

    What could possibly go wrong from getting kidnapped and then rescued?

    You might want to read to know!

    This book is a darkromance/paranormal romance. If you're into any of those then check it out. I know you won't get bored 😌

    Here is the link:

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    BLURB: Life always has it's nature. Nature to make you feel anything you didn't expect to happen. It's always ups and downs but this life is different from others. Joanabe's, who is so passionate about music. Dreams to become a musician. Fate always has its way for her. Is it really worth it? When she found her first unrequited love, Kane married her childhood friend Cheryl? Who later become pregnant. The heartbroken Joanabe griefs for the sudden news and takes away her life but gets reborn in a baby's body, not just anybody's baby. Kane and Cheryl's child. "Honey! What will be her name?" Ask Cheryl. "Her name is Joenabell, my child," Kane replied happily to his beloved wife while kissing his child's forehead. WAI-WAIT! KA-KANE?! H-HE KISSED MY FOREHEAD! MY FOREHEAD! I, Joanabe inside Joenabell's body become their child. What the hell! F**k life. Is it her karma?-or perhaps a second chance?


    Thank you and enjoy reading my book.

  • Hello guys! Please check out my fantasy complete book.

  • Novel: Romance of ice and flame
    Synopsis: The romance between a Military surgeon and a general surgeon, Yu Yan is the best surgeon in Beijing Hospital while Han Chen is a soldier who intrudes her life, he slowly finds his way into her heart even though she is already dating the son of the hospital chairman, On a voluntary service in a military zone, the both of them experience danger and as a result, she died, then her soul enters the body of the young mistress of the flame sect who is also on the brink of death, another romance ensues between her and the fourth prince with a hidden identity.

    “Who are you, why are you in my head” Huo
    Lan screamed
    “Does she recognize me, no, I definitely made sure she never saw my face?” the fourth thought

    “Han Chen!!! Is it you, you followed me didn’t you” she said
    He went closer to her and held her hand, “are you alright, who is Han Chen”

    I would really appreciate it if you read my novel and tell me what you think about it in the comment section, it is also available in webnovel for now with more chapters.

  • Heya! It would be a pleasure if you all check out my book. It's a werewolf book but the plot is a lot different than anyone has imagined. If you like humor then this book will surely entertain you.

  • Hey guys do checkout my book!
    Synopsis: Kira, a girl from a middle class family who is too innocent to see the bad side of the world, especially the business world. She is forced into a trial marriage for a period of six months with a wealthy business tycoon Kevin, who thinks that she is just trying to ruin his family. Kira on the other side tries her best to endure the harsh treatment she receives in the showbiz but makes an image for herself. However she doesn't knows who is the man backing her up. Kevin hurts and tortures Kira to release all his hatred and frustrations. He sometimes would care for her which is even shocking for himself as he fixes his mind and emotions with hatred towards Kira. His arrogance and cold attitude makes him a flawless man yet an aloof person. After three years, he finally realises his true feelings for Kira. But Kira seems to be angry with him. She leaves him and walks out of the mansion. Will Kevin be able to convince Kira to come back?

  • Do you like erotic novels that make you want to fall in love? To crave the touch of your lover, or just to be transported to a relationship that makes you feel beautiful and attractive? Sinday ; ) does all of that and more. How? You see when you ......... Nope... you can read the 1st Six chapters and feel it for yourself... enjoy.
    Warning .... once you start, could cause a lack of money, heavy breathing, and binge reading throught the night. So please find privacy, and read responsibly. 😁😍😍😈

  • Hi guys check out my story titled KARMA and I promise you're going to love it. It's not a cliche romance story it's a unique story and very captivating

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    Title: Amelia and the Dark Fae
    Genre: Fantasy Romance
    Amelia is a resident doctor and like most physicians, she strives to maintain a professional distance between her patients and herself—and she has been successful. After a horrible breakup, she is struggling when man, now in her care has an overwhelming effect on her, and she is not quite sure how to deal with it.

    As soon as she pushed the door open, she found him sitting on the chair with his face to the other side. A male nurse tried to hold his hand but he jerked him away rudely and growled, “Stay away. If you will touch me, I will shred you into pieces.”

    The male nurse flinched.

    Her nostrils flared. She walked in front of him to face him. She glared at him with a tight expression on her face and said, “Don’t you disrespect those who are trying to help you.” However, just after she had blurted, she noticed him staring at her with his dreamy, sultry midnight-blue eyes that were heavy-lidded due to the alcohol he had had. Wearing a long coat over his black leather shirt and pants, he looked muscular, lean, massive with broad shoulders and beautiful beyond words.

    Amelia gulped.

  • Hey, you can check out my book in the link below and drop a review. I'll do the same, just drop the link to yours :)

  • Hello ..I am new here. I would appreciate if you could check out my book and drop some feedback. Title: Titania: The Werewolves's Hero

  • Hi, pls check out my book titled 'weird feeling

    Hi please check it out. I believe it's worth your time. 😅😅

  • hey guys,
    this is my new book here.
    it would mean a lot if you can drop a review and read.
    miss actress next door

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    Hey everyone!
    Do you like to read Young Adult Paranormal Romance? Like mermaids? Then this story might be for you!

    Description: Moving halfway across the world sucks. My mom believes she's on the verge of discovering the Loch Ness monster and a bunch of half-human fish. I had to leave everything I knew behind for an over-sized eel and mermaids that doesn't even exist. How great is that? To make matters worse, I have now officially exiled myself from the rest of the world on a small island off the coast of Bowmore, Scotland, where we only have one neighboring house filled with people who really seemed to dislike us. No inter or cellphone signals. No entertainment. Just me and all that sea, greenery and our surly neighbors who goes out of their way to get rid of us. Until an accident leads one of them, the gorgeous Kayn, to a point that prove my mom wasn't crazy after all. Mermaids are real, and I was falling for one of them.

  • Title: Fall in love inside a novel!
    Genre: Fantasy/Romance
    Blurb: We love reading novels, fall in love with the characters, sometimes envy the main girl for getting the perfect male lead... but what happens when you get inside your own novel and get to meet your perfect main lead and bonus...get treated like the female lead?! A Christmas magic teleports Arielle Taylor inside her own novel getting her entangled in an unexpected love triangle!!

  • Hi! I'm new here and was wondering if some of you guys are interested in reading a YA fantasy fiction? There is tons of drama, sprinkles of magic, love triangles, and suspenseful momentum. I really hope you like it and I'm looking forward to reading your comments and/or reviews.

  • Hello fellow readers and writers <3

    I'm a new writer here and I just started to create a novel. I'm still in the process of editing it so if anyone here has a spare time to check out my new book and leave a review, I would see to it that I return the favor!

    _Link: _

    Title: Afterglow

    Genre: Romance
    Synopsis: Zoelle Solaris had a taste of the cruel reality of life in just a short span of time. She used to be filthy rich, living a luxurious life and quite famous, not just in the business industry, but also in other things because of her beauty and --- attitude. It was until a tragic sequential of events was given to her by the heavens.

    Once upon a cruel summer, Zoe met the person who had made her a better version of herself. She was an arrogant spoiled brat turned to a shy sophisticated woman. She was willing to sacrifice anything that she could possibly offer just to satisfy him. But the same person she ever loved, is also one of the people who conspired against her family.

    Years passed, the same guy came back to her, offering something which is the sole purpose of her efforts. Would she trust him despite all the unfortunate things that happened between them? Will her love for him conquer her again and make the same mistakes that brought her doom?

  • Hi guys! Are you looking for some teenage drama with a sprinkle of fantasy? Look no further, Born is the right one for you. It will mean a lot if you also liked, commented, and did a review. I will do the same.

  • Looking for a book with mystery, love and thriller. Look no further! Click on this link. Raven Steel will keep you glued throughout her journey.

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    I reuploaded my book so I would surely appreciate it if anyone here would kindly leave a review :blush:

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